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A Phoenix truck accident attorney at our firm can meet with a victim or victims loved one to discuss a potential personal injury or wrongful death claim. We are very familiar with our client’s legal rights and hope to help our clients obtain justice through skilled legal representation.  As experienced personal injury attorneys, we can also calculate the amount of money that a claim may be worth, so that we can ask for maximum compensation amounts.

Trucking companies want to move trucks and the loads they carry as quickly as possible. The more a truck is packed the cheaper it is to move, increasing the profits for all. However, overweight trucks are extremely dangerous, tough to control and vulnerable to rollover truck accidents. A rollover accident can cause serious catastrophic injuries that may include brain and spinal injuries, nerve injuries, disfigurement, burns or even wrongful death. In most instances, the truck driver will walk away with no serious injuries at all.

Causes of Overweight Trucking Accidents

In addition, overweight trucks can lead to a tire blowout and turning or braking issues; all of which may also result in serious injuries and truck accident deaths. The average Interstate Highway weight limit is 45 tons; however with a special permit a truck can carry a load in excess of up to 85 tons in some states. With an overweight load, a truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds which is no match for any other type of motor vehicle. If you have experienced tremendous loss due to a tractor trailer, big rig, 18 wheelers or any other commercial truck accident, please contact a Phoenix truck accident attorney at our firm immediately.

Filing an Overweight Truck Injury Claim in Phoenix

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