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Due to the risks associated with large commercial vehicles, there are strict limits on the maximum weight commercial trucks can maintain. If trucks weigh exceed these weight limits, the potential for accidents and serious injuries drastically increases.

If you suspect the commercial vehicle responsible for your injuries was overloaded, you could have a claim for monetary damages. An experienced personal injury attorney could investigate your claim to determine if the commercial truck complied with federal weight limits. If the truck was overloaded, a Phoenix overweight truck accident lawyer could assist you with bringing a lawsuit.

Understanding the Risk of an Overweight Truck

The federal government sets weight limits for many reasons. One of these reasons is to maintain the condition of public roads and bridges. These roads and highways are designed to manage a set amount of weight. When trucks are heavier than a road is designed to handle, the roadway could begin to buckle or break up.

However, the most important function these weight regulations serve is to limit the chances of a truck accident. Overweight trucks are prone to accidents for multiple reasons. First, heavy trucks are more difficult to maneuver or bring to a stop. This can lead to a heightened risk of collisions when a truck operator must stop suddenly.

Additionally, overweight trucks are more likely to overturn. With too much weight in the trailer, shifting cargo could cause the truck to become top-heavy and overturn. The additional weight also makes the damage caused by a rolling truck substantially worse.

If a truck’s weight contributes to an accident, a motorist injured in the accident could have a viable claim for damages against the truck operator or owner. An overweight truck collision attorney in Phoenix could seek monetary damages on behalf of an injured motorist by filing a lawsuit against the entities responsible for the crash.

Investigating an Overweight Truck Crash

For Phoenix attorneys, there are unique complications with investigating an overweight truck accident. Even a prompt investigation of the causes of an overweight truck accident can be challenging. Police will often begin to investigate the crash immediately, but their primary goal is to ticket any violators and ensure the safety of those involved.

The scene of these crashes is often devastating, with the involved vehicles severely damaged. That does not mean an effective investigation is impossible, however. A Phoenix overweight truck crash attorney could build a strong case using multiple resources, including:

  • Accident scene photos
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Police reports
  • Cargo logs
  • Shipping invoices
  • Weight station records

With the right legal counsel, it could be possible to compile enough evidence to demonstrate liability to a jury.

Discuss Your Case With a Phoenix Overweight Truck Accident Attorney

Building a winning overweight truck accident claim requires extensive resources and time. Navigating the government entities and regulators to obtain records that could prove the case requires an experienced hand.

If you have suffered an injury in an overweight truck crash, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance. With the right attorney, maximizing your financial compensation could be possible. Schedule a consultation with a Phoenix overweight truck accident lawyer right away to learn more.

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