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Phoenix Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

A “jackknife” truck accident is unlike any other type of vehicle crash. These accidents earn their name from the shape a commercial truck takes when it is sliding sideways. In these cases, the cab of the truck will often fold in on the trailer, like a pocketknife.

While an out-of-control commercial vehicle is always a threat, a jackknifing truck will often cross several lanes of traffic on a roadway. This greatly increases the number of drivers facing danger. Even after a crash, a truck and cab could still be a safety concern as it blocks multiple lanes of traffic.

If you suffered an injury in a collision with a jackknifing truck, a personal injury attorney could help you recover compensation. With a Phoenix jackknife truck accident lawyer by your side, you could hold the responsible driver accountable.

What Causes a Jackknife Truck Accident?

Jackknife accidents commonly occur when a commercial truck skids out of control. However, the skid could be caused by a variety of circumstances. This could include poor weather, road conditions, driver negligence, or even defective truck parts. For a Phoenix jackknife truck accident attorney to recover compensation on behalf of a plaintiff, they must prove another person or entity caused the crash.

Many jackknife accidents occur due to driver error. For example, a driver may speed and lose control on a turn. A truck operator who drifts into another lane of traffic and overcorrects could also cause a jackknife crash. Anyone injured in the crash could pursue monetary compensation from the truck operator. In many cases, the owner of the truck could also face liability.

Problems with the roadway are another common factor in these accidents. Anything from loose gravel to destroyed pavement could cause a truck to lose control. Additionally, missing signs warning the truck operator of upcoming turns or steep grades could play a role. If they do, a motorist injured in the crash could file suit against the city, county, or state government in charge of that road.

Mechanical failure is another potential factor. When systems like a truck’s brakes, lights, or transmission fails, the chances of an accident increase substantially. If a defect causes a jackknife crash, the plaintiff could hold the part manufacturer accountable by filing a lawsuit.

Deadline to File a Jackknife Accident Lawsuit

The deadline to file a lawsuit in Phoenix varies depending on the reason for the suit. For personal injury claims stemming from a truck accident, the deadline to bring a lawsuit expires two years from the date of the crash.

Courts strictly enforce this deadline and will typically dismiss a claim that is filed after the deadline expires. An experienced Phoenix attorney could help the victim of a jackknife truck accident ensure their claim complies with all legal deadlines.

Call a Phoenix Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney Immediately

Following a truck accident, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your injuries. If a truck operator was responsible, you could hold them accountable for your damages from the accident.

In most cases, truck operators will have the support of an attorney provided by their insurance company. To ensure you are not at a disadvantage, contact a Phoenix jackknife truck accident lawyer immediately.

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