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Hiring a Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a truck accident in Phoenix, you may have questions about whether you should hire a lawyer. At Goldwater Law Firm, PC your initial consultation is free, and you pay no legal fees when you work with a lawyer at our firm unless we are able to recover a settlement or jury award on your behalf. This takes the risk from working with a lawyer on your claim while offering you the many benefits that working with a legal professional may offer:

  • Experience in how to deal with filing your insurance claim
  • Properly evaluating the true worth of your case
  • Handling all communication and any necessary negotiations with the insurance company in order to help ensure the fair payment of your claim
  • Taking your case to civil court, if necessary, should negotiations be unsuccessful or should the insurance company act in bad faith in handling your claim

The best part of hiring a truck accident lawyer is that you can focus on healing, recovering and spending time with friends and family members as your case is handled by a professional. Rather than be taken advantage of by a dishonest insurance company or be coerced into admitting liability in the accident by the other party’s attorney or insurance company, you can be sure that your rights and interests are well-protected throughout the process of filing your claim and seeking the financial compensation you deserve.

Your ability to recover the full value of your Phoenix truck accident claim may have a big impact on your ability to rebuild your life and move on – which is what most of our clients are primarily concerned with.

Contact a Phoenix injury lawyer at Goldwater Law Firm, PC today for more information about our services and how hiring a lawyer can help you.

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