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Phoenix Head-On Truck Accident Lawyer

Weighing over 80,000 pounds and often traveling at over 70 miles per hour, an oncoming commercial truck presents a substantial danger. While every collision with a large truck could have serious consequences, a head-on crash could be deadly. Anyone surviving such a crash could face a lifetime of injuries and health obstacles. Those injured motorists could seek monetary compensation from the negligent truck driver with the help of a well-practiced truck wreck attorney.

However, seeking recovery can be a complicated process. Truck companies often have a team of lawyers ready to defend against any injury claim. A Phoenix head-on truck accident lawyer could help you develop a strong claim against a large trucking company.

Common Causes of Head-On Truck Collisions

Most of the time, head-on collisions between a large truck and a passenger car happen when the vehicles are driving the opposite direction on the same road or highway. Typically, the truck or car will drift into the other lane, leading to a head-on crash. This can occur for many reasons.

In some head-on crashes, an impatient truck driver could attempt to pass a slow-moving vehicle but fail to return to their lane in time. In other cases, a careless or distracted trucker could drift across the centerline. This is common on curves or turns that require careful navigation. A Phoenix head-on truck accident attorney must identify the cause of a crash after a careful review of the circumstances.

Compensable Injuries

Head-on crashes are differentiated by the severity of the injuries they cause. Any impact from a commercial truck traveling at high speed is devastating. However, the force that occurs to a passenger vehicle traveling at a similar speed could result in catastrophic injuries. These injuries can include broken bones, brain damage, paralysis, and death.

Establishing fault in head-on truck crashes is difficult. Unlike other types of accidents, there is no presumption that one vehicle or another is responsible. Further, investigating these claims is difficult given their destructive nature. In many cases, the evidence left at the scene of the crash is too damaged to be useful. A lawyer experienced with head-on collisions in Phoenix is vital in these truck accidents.

The Statute of Limitations

A Phoenix head-on truck collision lawyer does not have an unlimited window to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff. Every filing must comply with the statute of limitations. Should a plaintiff file a lawsuit after the legal deadline, the court could agree to dismiss the case permanently. Under Arizona Revised Statutes Section 12-542, a plaintiff must file suit within two years of the date the accident occurs.

Work with a Phoenix Head-on Truck Accident Attorney

Recovering from your injuries following a head-on collision with a truck could be a long, slow process. Managing an injury claim while recovering could be overwhelming. Fortunately, you do not have to take this claim alone.

With a Phoenix head-on truck accident lawyer on your side, you could have the resources to recover monetary damages after the crash. To learn more, set up a free consultation immediately.

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