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The areas outside of a vehicle that offer limited visibility of nearby traffic are dangerous, especially for commercial vehicles. Due to their length, the blind spots on a truck are much larger than on a passenger car. Federal law requires signs on the rear of these trucks to warn other motorists of their blind spots.

Unfortunately, this does not always prevent careless truck operators from colliding with vehicles in their blind spots. These accidents often happen on highways, leading to high-speed collisions that could put everyone in the vicinity at risk of harm.

If you have suffered injuries in a blind spot truck accident, let a skilled personal injury attorney help. Legal counsel could investigate the claim and determine if it is viable. By working with a Phoenix blind spot truck accident lawyer, you could increase your chances of recovering monetary compensation.

Understanding Truck Blind Spots

Since large blind spots increase the risk of harm, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has adopted guidelines to help truckers avoid a collision. Their public education effort is designed to warn motorists of the “no-zones” surrounding each side of a commercial vehicle.

Altogether, there are four no-zones: directly in front of the truck, directly behind it, and on either side of the trailer. These areas provide little to no visibility for the truck operator, making it dangerous for a motorist to enter them.

The front blind spot resides directly ahead of the bumper. Due to the height of a commercial vehicle, it can be difficult to see a car immediately in front of the cab. Passenger vehicles are encouraged to avoid driving within 20 feet from the hood of a large truck.

The rear blind spot is dangerous for a similar reason. Due to the truck’s length and height, an operator cannot see immediately behind the trailer even with mirrors.

The two blind spots on either side of the truck are not identical. The no zone on the passenger side of the truck is the larger of the two. A driver has limited visibility on that side, meaning the blind spot extends nearly the full length of the trailer. On the driver’s side, the blind spot is somewhat shorter, as it only extends half of the trailer’s length.

Methods of Recovering Compensation

When a blind spot truck accident occurs, a Phoenix lawyer typically has two routes to recover compensation on behalf of the victim. The first is by reaching a negotiated settlement with the responsible party or their insurance company. The second is to win a verdict at trial.

Settlements are common in these accidents, but they do not come easy. A dedicated attorney must build a winning case and demonstrate to the responsible party that a trial victory is likely.

If the parties do not settle, a jury will decide the matter. A lawyer must demonstrate that the truck operator was negligent in colliding with a car in their blind spot to be awarded damages for the driver’s losses.

Speak with a Phoenix Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney Immediately

If you have sustained injuries or property damage in a blind spot accident, it is in your best interest to act quickly. The responsible driver and their insurance company will not hesitate to prevent you from recovering compensation.

A Phoenix blind spot truck accident lawyer could help you pursue your claim and protect your legal rights. Call right away to set up your free initial consultation.

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