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Zofran is a medication give to patients who have had medical procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. This drug is used to control nausea and vomiting. It is also prescribed to pregnant women for morning sickness. Now, though it seems reasonable to prescribe Zofran for morning sickness, it was never put through a clinical trials stage for prenatal use. Furthermore, Zofran never received FDA approval for morning sickness treatment.

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The makers of Zofran knew of the potential risks on newborn children, yet, still compelled professionals to prescribe Zofran for prenatal use. This type of behavior is preposterous and unacceptable, and we are here to lead the fight against Zofran. Allow Goldwater to assign the perfect Phoenix Zofran lawsuit lawyers to you.

Post-marketing researchers discourage the use of Zofran during the first trimester of pregnancy because it is causing birth defects in newborn babies. There is a broad range of birth defects related to the use of Zofran, such as kidney defects; brain defects; heart defects and failure; autism; and a barrage of other issues.

Zofran Class Action Lawsuit

There is no class action lawsuit against Zofran. However, there are multiple single lawsuits against the company behind this product. We, Goldwater Law Firm, want to represent you, with the Phoenix Zofran lawsuit lawyers you need.

We care about your health. We care about your family. We care about your safety. We care about your children. We care about you. Let us send our Phoenix Zofran lawsuit lawyers to fight for you.

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Were you on Zofran while pregnant, and your child born with a defect? Reach out to us! We want to walk with you through this time. We will be your personal Phoenix Zofran lawsuit lawyers, and we will strive to bring justice for you.

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