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Talc consists of magnesium, silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. For many years, talcum powder has been used to avert rashes and irritation and keep skin dry. However, when near genitals, specs can be found in ovaries and stay there for many years, and this can cause inflammation and lead to cancer cell growth.

Harvard studies have stated that an estimated 10,000 women per year contract ovarian cancer from talc-based hygiene products. These studies still have minimal effect on the use of talcum powder by companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, and the use of talc has still not been regulated in its factories. We say, these are grounds to reach a professional Phoenix talc lawsuit lawyer, today.

In late February 2016, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $72 million to an Alabama family that lost a 62-year-old woman to ovarian cancer. This cancer was caused by Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based products.

Alongside this case, there are thousands of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for its talc-based products, and Goldwater Law Firm has the perfect Phoenix talc lawsuit lawyer for you.

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Have you been diagnosed with ovarian cancer? If so, have you used talcum-based products for feminine hygiene? A “yes” to these questions may qualify you in a class action talc lawsuit.

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