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If you are in need of a Phoenix Essure lawsuit attorney that cares about you, Goldwater Law Firm is who you should call, immediately. We have the team that gets the job done but ultimately cares about your health and safety.

What is Essure?

Essure is a birth control device made up of two metal coils, which is inserted into the fallopian tubes to avert sperm and prevent pregnancy. Scar tissue builds around the instrument, and causes blockage to sperm. The Essure procedure is a permanent approach to birth control. However, though this seems to be an ideal suggestion; many women have had negative results from the use of Essure.

Why Would I Need a Phoenix Essure Lawsuit Attorney?

Many women who have Essure report malfunctioning of the device. One serious malfunction is the fracturing of the devices’ coils. This issue is major because pieces of the broken coils travel into the body, causing a plethora of bodily harm. So, if this has happened to you in the Phoenix area, a Phoenix Essure lawsuit attorney wants to speak with you at Goldwater Law Firm.

How many women are in need of an Essure Lawsuit Attorney?

You are not the only person in need of a Phoenix Essure lawsuit attorney. Thousands of women have experienced issues with Essure. Such complications include unplanned pregnancies, internal damages, revisionary surgeries, and deaths. These broken pieces must be surgically removed, and some women have to undergo full hysterectomies as the result of damage.

As of January 2016, there are a reported 11 deaths, and 5 of these deaths were fetus’. Goldwater Law Firm sympathizes with the women, and families, who have had to experience such horrid events. Let us provide the Phoenix Essure lawsuit attorney you deserve.

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