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A defective or dangerous product can easily lead to catastrophic injuries or even death in some cases. Consumers place a great deal of trust in the designers and manufacturers of a variety of products, including household appliances, automotive parts, safety equipment, food and medicine. As such, manufacturers have an obligation to make products that are safe when used properly and which have adequate warnings of any potential dangers or side effects with may arise.

Phoenix accident and injury attorney Bob Goldwater can help if you have suffered serious injury due to a dangerous product. By bringing product liability claims against manufacturers, retailers and product designers in a number of different fields in order to help our clients collect maximum compensation for their losses. This requires a thorough analysis of the injuries suffered as well as the product itself in order to determine how to prove the liability of the manufacturer or responsible party, as well as what your claim is actually worth.

Due to his experience in this field and his familiarity with product liability and defective products as a whole, Phoenix product liability attorney Bob Goldwater is able to secure positive outcomes for a number of his clients. At Goldwater Law Firm, PC we help clients with claims involving dangerous products throughout Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale and Scottsdale, Arizona, Arizona.

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It is not easy to provide effective legal representation for Phoenix product liability claims and lawsuits. These are often against large companies who may have numerous investigators and attorneys on hand to disprove the claim or to ensure that a settlement amount far below the actual value of the claim is accepted. Phoenix product liability attorney Bob Goldwater will not accept this for his clients and therefore fight zealously and uses his own resources and experience to bring the manufacturer, designer or retailer to justice for their negligence.

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