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Phoenix Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Lawyer

The discovery that a nursing home resident has become a victim of sexual abuse can be shocking, traumatic, and overwhelming. Fortunately, injured nursing home residents and their family members may be able to pursue legal action against the abusers.

When these tragic circumstances occur, a Phoenix nursing home sexual abuse lawyer may be able to offer advice and counsel. An experienced injury attorney could be invaluable in assessing your circumstances, presenting your options, and determining the best plan of action in your case.

Defining Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Nursing home sexual abuse encompasses any sexual contact to which residents do not or cannot consent. Whether the nonconsensual contact amounts to touching, assault, or rape, nursing homes should take reasonable steps to protect their residents from this and other kinds of harm. When nursing homes fail to do so, they may be liable for the resulting injuries. A nursing home sexual abuse lawyer in Phoenix could help residents hold negligent parties responsible for the damages that have occurred on their watch.

Signs of Sexual Abuse in Nursing Home Residents

Victims of sexual abuse in a nursing home often are embarrassed, fearful, or otherwise reluctant to admit that they have suffered injury. Their abusers may have threatened them or their families with harm if they report the abuse. Even worse, some residents report sexual abuse, but administrators fail to believe them.

Sexual abuse might result in physical problems, such as sexually transmitted diseases and other infections. Victims of sexual violence also are likely to suffer from emotional trauma which could manifest itself in the following symptoms:

  • Withdrawal from others
  • Refusal to eat, drink, or take medication as prescribed
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Feelings of self-loathing and helplessness

Sexual abuse could result from nursing home employees whom nursing home administrators have failed to screen before hiring or supervise after hiring, or when a lack of supervision allows nursing home residents to abuse other residents. A practiced Phoenix attorney could build a case holding a nursing home facility responsible when sexual abuse occurs.

Preventative Action

Family members may be able to reduce the risk of sexual abuse to nursing home residents by visiting them frequently and during various times of different days each week. Being present more often also could help detect signs and symptoms that a loved one is suffering from abuse.

Family members also should take care to listen to their loved ones. Even if they are suffering from confusion, memory loss, or dementia, they still may be describing the abuse.

Work with a Phoenix Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse can create long-lasting physical and mental trauma for nursing home residents. By pursuing a personal injury claim, you may be able to hold abusive employees and negligent nursing home administrators accountable for their actions. Engaging the services of a Phoenix nursing home sexual abuse lawyer could be the first step toward getting justice for your loved one. Call today and discuss your claim.

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