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Phoenix Nursing Home Physical Abuse Lawyer

If a caretaker harmed your loved one as they resided in a nursing home, you might wish to contact a Phoenix nursing home physical abuse lawyer for advice about your legal options. Taking legal action to bring this type of harm to light could be crucial to helping others avoid a similar fate. A personal injury attorney may be able to help you hold the abuser responsible.

Understanding Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Physical abuse could include purposely hitting, punching, kicking, or otherwise inflicting physical pain on someone. However, physical abuse could take many other forms when it affects residents of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Some of the most common types of physical abuse include:

  • Deliberately withholding nutrition, fluids, and medication to cause bodily injury and illness to residents
  • Failing to routinely and adequately move and clean patients, which could result in bedsores, infections, and illness
  • Lacking supervision of patients, which could lead to them falling and suffering injuries or being harmed by other residents
  • Handling patients roughly or inappropriately, causing them bruising, lacerations, and broken bones

In some cases, the signs of abuse may not be immediately apparent, which could delay the alleviation of the abuse. If family members do discover physical harm, however, they should not hesitate to contact a nursing home physical abuse attorney in Phoenix.

Signs and Symptoms of Physical Abuse

Individuals with loved ones in nursing homes should pay close attention to their treatment and care to prevent physical abuse to them. By maintaining close contact with their loved ones, family members could observe any symptoms of abuse, such as abrupt changes in personality, personal hygiene, or health.

Other signs of physical abuse in nursing home residents may include sudden weight loss, complaints of pain, and unexplained injuries, sores, welts, or rashes. Listening to loved ones, even those who may suffer from memory loss or dementia, could be crucial to identifying abuse. Some abusers choose residents solely on the basis that others are unlikely to believe them if they complain.

Seeking Damages in Phoenix

Generally, the families of a nursing home resident may be able to recover damages for medical expenses related to the victim’s injuries, physical pain and suffering, mental trauma, and exacerbation of medical conditions. A Phoenix attorney could help maximize the total damages recovered in a nursing home physical abuse claim.

If intentional and severe abuse to facility residents occurred, individuals also might be able to seek punitive damages for their losses. Punitive damages are not designed to compensate injury victims for their loses but to deter similar wrongful conduct in the future.

A Phoenix Nursing Home Physical Abuse Attorney May Be Able to Help

Whether injuries result from abusive staff members or violent residents, those who sustain physical injuries at an elder care facility do have legal recourse. A Phoenix nursing home physical abuse lawyer may be vital to helping you recover damages for the injuries sustained by your loved one.

Not only can you seek compensation, but you can hold these parties responsible for the conduct that led to the injuries. In doing so, you may be able to prevent similar injuries to residents in the future. Call a qualified attorney today.

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