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First Steps to Take if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Phoenix

Many families choose to put their loved ones in a nursing home where they can receive the professional level of assistance they require. While many nursing homes and their staffers provide quality care, unfortunately, there may be some staff members who take advantage of the compromised position of the senior residents.

One of the first steps to take if you suspect nursing home abuse in Phoenix is contacting an experienced lawyer. By discussing your case with a well-practiced attorney, you may gain a better understanding of what can be done immediately to stop this abuse, and what you can do long term to advocate for your loved one’s rights.

Verify the Nursing Home Abuse Story

In Phoenix, if an individual believes nursing home abuse may be taking place, the first thing they should do is try to verify the story. This can be done by talking with the elderly resident to discuss details and understand a timeline of when the abuse occurred. The family of the resident also should gather medical or financial records, take photos of injuries and recent prescriptions, and talk to other residents if possible. This process can not only help to identify the immediate issue, but this information may be useful to an attorney down the road in a lawsuit.

Remove the Elderly Resident

The next step to take if it is believed nursing home mistreatment has taken place in Phoenix is to remove the elderly resident from the assisted living facility immediately. Under 42 U.S. Code §1395i-3(c), residents have the right to leave a nursing home, especially when their quality of care is in question.

Inform the Authorities of the Abuse

If an individual has discovered a nursing home resident is being abused, they but are required to report the incident under Arizona Revised Statute Annotated §46-454. Under state law, the abuse should be reported to the superior court and the adult protective services central intake unit. In addition to filing a complaint with these offices, it also may be appropriate to call the police to prevent further harm coming to both this patient and others in the facility.

Hire a Skilled Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Phoenix to Learn More About the Next Steps

One of the first steps to take if you suspect nursing home abuse in Phoenix is to reach out to a dedicated attorney to discuss your case. A lawyer with knowledge and experience in assisted living facility mistreatment could present the facts and legal claims before a court on your behalf.

After investigating the specifics of your case, a lawyer could give you advice on what to do with your loved one, who to call to report the incident, and how you can potentially begin building a case. It is important to hold the negligent nursing home staff accountable for the harm they caused to your loved one. Call today and schedule your first consultation.

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