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Dropped Residents in Phoenix Nursing Homes

One of the primary reasons that a family may choose to have their loved ones live in a nursing home is if they require constant physical assistance in their day to day lives. Often, an older adult may be unable to get out of bed, move from a chair to a wheelchair, or safely walk up and down stairs without help. While care facilities can offer this assistance, some staff members may make mistakes, which could result in serious injury to the elderly resident.

If you have a loved one who was dropped in a Phoenix nursing home, you should reach out to a lawyer. An assisted living abuse attorney could sit down with you to discuss the facts of your case and your loved one’s legal rights. With proper legal guidance, you could seek compensation for your loved one’s injuries.

How is a Nursing Home Resident Dropped?

In most assisted living facilities, patients can be dropped during routine transfers from one stationary position to the next. Due to the limited mobility of many of these residents, drops may occur when transferring them to their wheelchair. Other common situations where drops may occur include transferring a patient from:

  • A wheelchair to a bathtub or shower
  • A bed to wheelchair or vice versa
  • The toilet
  • A chair or bench to another

To determine the best course of action, a Phoenix attorney would investigate where a nursing home patient was dropped. Evidence of how the event happened could be the first step in building a case to claim that the nursing home staff was negligent in their duties.

Legal Deadline to File a Nursing Home Injury Claim

If a family member learns that their loved one was dropped in a Phoenix nursing home, they should not hesitate to file a civil claim. The reason for this is because there is only a limited amount of time that they may be able to file a lawsuit, per Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated §12-542. Under this statute of limitations, a plaintiff must file their suit within two years after the injuries occurred.

Skilled legal counsel could help a family and their injured loved one avoid missing this and other legal deadlines applicable to their case. Failure to file a claim within the two-year limit could result in the dismissal of their case.

Speak with a Phoenix Attorney to Learn More About Dropped Resident Cases

If a resident is dropped by nursing home staff while in their care, it is likely that they may sustain severe physical injuries. This can result in substantial emergency medical bills and ongoing rehabilitation. Fortunately, a lawyer could help you pursue financial compensation on behalf of your loved one for these damages.

After consulting with a knowledgeable attorney, you may gain a better understanding of your elderly family member’s legal rights and the best avenues to pursue a favorable resolution on their behalf. To learn more about cases involving dropped residents in Phoenix nursing homes, schedule a consultation today.

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