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Phoenix Vespa/Motor Scooter Accident Lawyer

Drivers of motor scooters and Vespas are left completely exposed to cars, buses, and trucks and are more likely to lose control due to poor road conditions. Therefore, any of these motorists involved in a collision often suffer significant physical and psychological damage.

If you sustained injuries in a wreck, you could benefit from contacting a Phoenix Vespa/motor scooter accident lawyer. With the help of a dedicated attorney, you could file a lawsuit and pursue financial compensation from the defendant for these damages. More importantly, the proper legal counsel could help you reach a more favorable resolution to your situation.

Common Causes of Vespa or Motor Scooter Accidents

The positives of a Vespa or motor scooter is that they are light, agile, and easy to take anywhere. Unfortunately, this makes them particularly prone to accidents. Some of the most common causes of these crashes may include:

  • Collisions from behind
  • Sideswipe and head-on crashes during left-hand turns
  • Side accidents during merging
  • Potholes
  • Uneven pavement
  • Dead animals, debris, and other obstacles in the road

Since a Vespa or motor scooter is smaller and makes less noise than a motorcycle, a careless driver may be more likely to hit these motorists from behind or during a turn in an intersection. Furthermore, the small wheel radius makes these vehicles more prone to lose control in poor road conditions. Knowing the cause of a Vespa or motor scooter wreck could help a Phoenix attorney determine who is at fault.

Deadline to File a Claim in Phoenix

The cause of a plaintiff’s motor scooter accident and the party they believe to be responsible can determine the amount of time that a Phoenix lawyer has to file a lawsuit. If the defendant in a case is a private citizen, a plaintiff has two years from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit with a court under Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated §12-542. If the statute of limitations expires, a court may dismiss any suit brought later.

A government entity that fails to upkeep city, county, or state roadways could be held liable by a Phoenix lawyer if a Vespa or motor scooter rider was injured in an accident as a result. When bringing an action against the government, a plaintiff has 180 days to file a complaint under A.R.S. §12-821.01, and a lawsuit must be brought within one year.

Proving Negligence in a Motor Scooter Crash

After a claim has been properly filed, a plaintiff must prove the defendant was at fault for the accident to hold them liable for their damages. A Vespa/motor scooter accident lawyer in Phoenix could do so by trying to prove that the defendant negligently breached a duty they owed to the plaintiff, which subsequently caused their injuries and damages. If the claim is successful, the plaintiff may then pursue financial compensation from the defendant’s insurer for their losses. Reach out to an experienced lawyer for help with establishing liability.

Call a Phoenix Vespa/Motor Scooter Crashes Attorney

Vespa and motor scooter riders are particularly prone to injury in the event of a crash. Therefore, those injured in a collision should seek guidance from a Phoenix Vespa/motor scooter accident lawyer. With a skilled attorney, you could seek compensation for your losses from the responsible party. Call today and schedule your first consultation.

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