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Phoenix Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists

Before going for a ride on your motorcycle, it important to be aware of all Phoenix traffic laws for motorcyclists. Following traffic safety regulations could help keep you safe and avoid liability in the event of an accident.

Whether you are a motorcycle rider who has been injured in an accident, new to the Phoenix-area or want to know how the relevant traffic laws affect your ride, you should speak with a local injury attorney. An experienced lawyer could explain all the relevant statutes and help you stay safe on the road.

Phoenix Lane-Sharing Law

When a motorcyclist rides between lanes and past slow-moving or stopped vehicles while operating their bike at high speeds, it is known as “lane splitting.” Some motorcycle riders say this technique helps prevent motorcycles from being rear-ended by drivers in slow-moving traffic. Others believe that because motorcyclists are riding in driver’s blind spots, there is an increased likelihood they could be hit while unsuspecting car and truck drivers are merging.

Motorcyclists are not permitted to drive in this manner under Arizona Revised Statutes §28-903. The law entitles bikers to the use of a full lane, but expressly forbids driving between lanes of traffic or passing another vehicle in the same lane.

Furthermore, the same Phoenix motorcycle traffic law permits only two riders to drive side-by-side in the same lane. While many bikers enjoy the comradery of riding with a group of bikers, according to the law, large groups of motorcyclists must either use multiple lanes or ride in a single file line. The only exception to the above rules applies to police officers and other government officials acting in the course of their official duties.

Noise Level and Unauthorized Equipment Statutes

One iconic aspect of biking is the signature sound motorcycles can produce when the engine is revved or during a gear change. Under Az. Rev. Stat. §28-955.01, all bikes must be fitted with the original muffler and noise reduction equipment. If the equipment needs to be replaced, the replacement must fall below the maximum noise level set by the department, per Az. Rev. Stat. §28-955.02.

Motorcyclists are prohibited from using certain equipment. For example, a motorbike must not have a muffler cutout or bypass to operate in this state. The current noise levels, categories of prohibited products, and other traffic laws for Phoenix motorcyclists are subject to change. Therefore, a biker with questions should speak to a local attorney with experience in this area of law.

Are Passengers Allowed on Motorcycles?

If a motorcyclist intends on having a second rider on their bike with them, Az. Rev. Stat. §28-892 states that there must be a seat for both the driver and the passenger. The bike should also be equipped with stirrups or another type of footrest for the passenger as well.

Discuss Phoenix Motorcycle Traffic Laws With a Lawyer

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