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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Recovering from a motorcycle accident can quickly become expensive. Transportation to a hospital, medical treatment, and other ongoing procedures and rehabilitation can begin to add up, often causing financial stress on the injured biker.

Filing an insurance claim following a motorcycle accident can be tricky. Without the help of a well-practiced lawyer, a motorcyclist may settle for a claim that does not reflect their total damages.

If you are injured and looking to file a Phoenix motorcycle accident insurance claim, you should speak with a personal injury attorney. A local lawyer with experience dealing with insurance companies and motorcycle accident cases could help you avoid making mistakes that could diminish your recovery when speaking with insurers.

Types of Insurance Claims in Phoenix

There are two types of claims a motorcycle driver can file: personal injury and property damage. An experienced attorney could explain what claims are applicable in a motorcyclist’s case.

  • Personal injury claims cover bodily injury and financial losses caused by the accident
  • Property damage claims refer to the damage to the motorcycle itself

Whether an injured claimant’s compensation comes from their own insurance policy or the defendant’s depends on which party is at fault for the incident.

What Can an Insured Motorcyclist Recover?

Under Arizona law, compensation for insurance claims, also known as compensatory damages, includes economic and non-economic losses. These forms of financial payment are intended to make the person financially whole again after suffering a traumatic injury. The compensatory damages that could be recovered include:

  • Medical expenses including emergency services, hospital bills, physical therapy, rehabilitation, prescription costs, and other future expenditures needed as a result of the accident
  • Past and future lost wages accumulated during recovery
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering

The best thing a plaintiff can do following an accident is to seek medical attention and to describe the full extent of their injuries to their doctor. This not only can help the doctor with providing the best treatment, but it can also serve as an official record of the motorcyclist’s injuries if they choose to file a motorcycle wreck insurance claim in Phoenix.

How to Collect Compensation After a Motorbike Crash

Per Arizona law, a motorcyclist must prove the defendant was at fault for the accident and their subsequent injuries. Generally, this will be done by establishing before a court that the defendant behaved in a negligent manner. Under Arizona Revised Statutes §12-2505, a plaintiff can still seek compensation if they are found to be partially at fault for their injuries. However, this will affect their insurance payout. An experienced attorney in Phoenix could help a person injured in a motorcycle wreck maximize their recovery in an insurance claim.

A Lawyer Could Help File Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims in Phoenix

If you are suffering from substantial bills following a motorcycle accident, you should speak with a local attorney. The at-fault party’s claims adjusters may try to settle for less than what your claim is worth. Insurers often try to settle before the full extent of your injuries is known.

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