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The failure to diagnose a medical condition is a serious form of medical malpractice. Some may think of malpractice or medical negligence mainly as it relates to the treatment of a patient, but a doctor’s actions in diagnosing patients is just as important. A misdiagnosis or the ultimate failure to diagnose a serious medical condition may lead to catastrophic injuries or the loss of the patient’s life. This is particularly relevant in deadly conditions such as cancer or a heart attack.

Did a Phoenix doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer or another serious medical condition lead to serious injury to you or someone you love? Contacting a malpractice attorney is an important step to take in order to find out whether you have grounds for a claim or lawsuit against the medical professional or hospital responsible for the situation.

What Causes a Failure to Diagnose?

There are different situations that may cause a failure to diagnose. A doctor who is busy, overworked or who has not slept may be quick to make a decision just so he or she can move on to the next patient. An inexperienced doctor may fail to recognize that certain symptoms indicate one condition over another. A nurse may fail to write down crucial information about a patient’s complaints or symptoms on a medical chart, leading to a doctor making a diagnosis based off inadequate information. An insurance company may deny further testing that would enable a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Depending on the particular cause of a failure to diagnose, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the Phoenix hospital, doctor, nurse or perhaps your medical insurance company for their actions.

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