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If you sustained an injury due to an unsafe product, you have the right to seek monetary compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney. From appliances to food products, the injuries resulting from these defective items can turn your life upside down. You deserve justice – in your case, justice starts with an injury lawsuit.

Defective product lawsuits present many challenges. In addition to an understanding of the law, a Phoenix defective products attorney must also have a deep understanding of the science and engineering that goes into product design. To learn how a Phoenix attorney may be able to help you recover compensation, call right away to schedule an initial consultation.

Federal Oversight in Product Safety

There are many federal agencies tasked with ensuring the safety of the products that enter the U.S. market. Some of these agencies include:

  • The U.S. Coast Guard
  • The Food and Drug Administration
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • The Environmental Protection Agency

The agencies have combined their efforts to address defective consumer goods with The site exists to provide consumers with information related to dangerous products currently facing recall.

For many consumers, however, recall information does little to help with injuries from a product that has not yet faced a recall. In these cases, a skilled Phoenix defective products attorney could provide the best option for recovering damages from a defective product claim.

Common Defects in a Products Liability Lawsuit

Any product, whether designed for consumer or commercial use, could have a defect. The ways in which a product could result in an injury are too numerous to count. However, there are specific types of products that are more likely to result in a defect than others. These products include:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Children’s toys
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Cars and car parts
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Cleaning products
  • Boats

No matter the type of defect, a Phoenix defective products attorney could review the circumstances surrounding an injury and advise their client on the viability of their claim.

Time Limit to File a Phoenix Defective Products Lawsuit

Like all states, Arizona has established a time limit in which plaintiffs must file a lawsuit. Known as the statute of limitations, this deadline is designed to prevent significant delays to the justice process. If a plaintiff files a lawsuit after the expiration of the statute of limitations, the court has the right to dismiss the claim with prejudice. This dismissal can occur regardless of the strength of the underlying claim.

There is no uniform period of limitations. Every type of lawsuit has a different time limit to file, with some cases allowing for a longer time frame and others requiring a shorter window. The State of Arizona codifies the statute of limitations for defective products cases at Arizona Statute 12-542. In these cases, the statute of limitations expires two years from the date of the injury.

Call a Phoenix Defective Products Attorney As Soon As Possible

A defective products lawsuit can present a major challenge. With the guidance of a seasoned Phoenix defective products lawyer, you could pursue compensation regardless of the identity of the responsible party. To begin the process, call today and schedule an initial consultation.

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