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While prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication are intended to help Phoenix consumers, some medications ultimately result in harm. These drugs may become dangerous for a variety of reasons, including poorly-worded instructions or faulty design. While the Food and Drug Administration evaluates these drugs before their release, dangerous drugs regularly make it into the marketplace. If you have suffered a medical injury due to a dangerous drug, you could benefit from discussing your litigation options with a personal injury attorney.

If you believe you have a viable claim against a drug maker, it is important that you take action immediately. To comply with the legal deadlines required by Arizona law, promptly contact a Phoenix dangerous drugs lawyer for guidance on how to proceed.

Types of Dangerous Drug Claims

The number of dangerous drugs and their potential effects are too numerous to list. However, all defective drugs typically fall within one of three categories. These dangerous drugs include:

  • Defectively manufactured drugs
  • Dangerous side effects
  • Defectively marketed drugs

Defective Manufacturing Claims

This broad category of defects covers any drug made dangerous through mistakes during the manufacturing or design process. These defects can include anything from technical errors during the design process or malfunctioning equipment during manufacturing. When a drug design is defective, these defects typically apply to every dose of the drug. When the problem is related to manufacturing, it is possible that the defect only impacts a small batch.

Dangerous Side Effects

Side-effects are common with many medications. Some side-effects may not be discovered during testing but can have an immediate impact on certain consumers. Other side-effects are slow to develop in patients that have taken the drug for years. While some side-effects are unexpected, there have been cases of manufacturers covering up reports of certain dangerous side effects. If a Phoenix dangerous drugs attorney determines a cover-up occurred, the potential damages could be significant.

Defective Marketing

The term marketing likely conjures images of billboards or television ads. However, in the context of pharmaceutical drugs, marketing refers to the instructions and warning that accompany a drug. A plaintiff could have a viable claim if the warnings fail to adequately warn a consumer of the associated risks of the drug.

Potential Defendants in a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit

Drug manufacturers are frequent targets of dangerous drugs lawsuits. However, they are not the only entity that could be responsible for a dangerous drugs injury. One of the critical roles of a Phoenix dangerous drug attorney is to identify the entities responsible for a drug defect.

Drug Companies

Most dangerous drug lawsuits involve the maker of the drug. These cases may involve claims that the manufacturer made a mistake during either the design or manufacture of the drug.


Even in cases where a manufacturer is responsible for a defect, a plaintiff might also have a claim against a testing lab if they failed to detect the problem during the rigorous testing process.

Doctors and Hospitals

Some drugs are only dangerous when used in the wrong circumstances. If a hospital or other medical professional is negligent in prescribing a drug in a way that harms a patient, they could face liability in a dangerous drug lawsuit.

Discuss Your Case with a Phoenix Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If you suffered an injury from a dangerous drug, you have the right to file suit against the entity responsible for your suffering. It is important to have the right legal counsel by your side for any dangerous drugs lawsuit. To discuss your case and have your questions answered by a seasoned Phoenix dangerous drugs lawyer, call for an initial consultation.

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