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A burn injury is one of the most painful that a person can suffer. The emotional trauma associated with burn injuries is also great, most often due to the possibility of severe scarring and disfigurement. A victim’s outlook on life and overall happiness can suffer due to a serious burn injury. Not only that, should the accident be serious enough, burn injuries may be fatal.

As a Phoenix accident injury lawyer, Bob Goldwater has dedicated his career to helping victims and families who have been injured or who have lost a loved one in a number of types of accidents throughout Phoenix and the surrounding areas in Arizona. Of the cases he has handled, attorney Goldwater has discovered that those involving burn injuries are some of the most serious and devastating. As such, he aggressively fights to protect his clients’ rights and safeguard their futures in these circumstances.

Burn Injury Claims in Phoenix

A burn injury is classified as a catastrophic injury, as it is life-threatening, seriously debilitating and can result in permanent injury. The burns themselves are painful and the treatment for them can be painful, time-consuming and extremely expensive. In the face of all of this, a burn injury victim should not also have to deal with filing an insurance claim and hoping that it is paid, and paid in a timely fashion. The victim should not have to worry whether the responsible party will be held liable for their negligence.

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