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Burns can leave behind serious injuries. After the initial pain of burns subsides, the resulting tissue, muscle, and bone damage can leave some victims with permanent injuries and side effects.

If you experienced a serious burn, you might be entitled to recover damages through legal action. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney may be able to assist you in identifying recoverable damages and explaining the liability of the defendant. Contact a Phoenix burn injury lawyer today to review your case and determine the best steps moving forward.

Recoverable Damages for Burn Injuries

There are four classifications of burn injuries. Typically, first and second-degree burns do not warrant legal action, as these burns are fairly common and usually only require minor medical attention if any at all.

Conversely, third and fourth-degree burns are severe injuries that affect large areas of skin tissue, muscles, cartilage, and bones. Depending on their location and size, these burns can be life-threatening, and in the aftermath of such an injury, legal action may be necessary.

Recoverable damages following a serious burn can include economic damages such as emergency medical care, subsequent medical care, physical and occupational therapy sessions. They can also include pain and suffering, as well as other non-economic damages like loss of companionship and loss of services.

Without the guidance of a Phoenix burn injury attorney, a plaintiff may fail to demand all appropriate damages in their filing. This can be particularly important in cases involving long-term harms, since individuals may not be able to add additional damages after formally filing a complaint.

Furthermore, complainants in Arizona have two years to file a lawsuit after suffering a burn injury. Per Arizona Revised Statutes §12-542, this proverbial clock starts ticking from the date of the initial burn incident. Exceptions to this deadline are rare in the case of burn injuries, but a diligent legal team can often minimize the research and documentation required from the injured party.

Proving Liability in Burn Cases

Proving liability in burn cases is not simple. First, the attorney must be able to demonstrate that the plaintiff suffered injuries as a direct result of the defendant’s reckless or careless behavior. This typically entails proving the defendant is responsible for starting or failing to properly control a fire, or for not maintaining common safety standards for individuals exposed to electrical wiring, extreme heat, or dangerous chemicals.

In the case of electrical burns, the attorney may need to demonstrate that the defendant was informed about unsafe electrical circuits, faulty machinery, or another hazardous electrical wiring, but still failed to address and/or remedy them appropriately. To do this effectively, the legal team often needs to investigate the causes of the injury, and without the expertise of a qualified burn accident lawyer in Phoenix, this burden of discovery would lie with the claimant.

Find a Phoenix Burn Injury Attorney to Help

When you suffer a serious injury like a third or fourth-degree burn, having skilled legal advisors could bring you peace of mind as you recover from your injuries. A Phoenix burn injury lawyer could help you at all stages of civil litigation, from the initial filing to arguing for compensation in court. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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