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Phoenix Car Accident Injuries

There are a number of injuries that a person may experience in a Phoenix car accident, physical or emotional in nature. The extent of physical trauma may vary depending on countless factors: the size and weight of vehicles involved, the speed, force of impact, location of the collision on both vehicles, whether the victim was wearing a safety belt, airbag deployment, and much more. The severity of the accident itself may seem almost unrelated in some situations – we have all heard stories about people involved in catastrophic car accidents that walked away without a scratch. Regardless of the injuries that you or someone you know may have sustained in a car accident, however, it is important to understand your legal rights and options in seeking financial damages.

A Phoenix car accident lawyer at Goldwater Law Firm, PC can work with you to assess the extent of your injuries and the impact these will have on your life – in order to determine what your insurance claim or lawsuit should be worth.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Following are some of the types of injuries that a person may sustain in a car accident:

  • Facial injuries – lacerations, burns and contusions
  • Whiplash or other neck injuries
  • Multiple bone fractures
  • Back or spinal cord injury
  • Damage to internal organs – bruising and crush injuries
  • Amputation / loss of limb
  • Burn injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Brain injury – closed or open head trauma

Paralysis, brain damage, scarring, disfigurement and temporary or permanent disability may all be the result of a car accident injury. Make sure you have the help you need to rebuild and recover.

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