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Preeclampsia refers to a severe medical condition that occurs in the latter part of gestation. When this condition is not found and treated promptly, both the mother and child may suffer catastrophic harm. While there is no current cure for this condition, swift medical action may lower the risk of adverse outcomes for a mother and her infant.

You should consult a Phoenix preeclampsia lawyer if you believe that a medical provider was negligent in treating this condition. If you or your child suffered birth injuries due to medical negligence, a birth injury attorney could review your case and explain your best legal options moving forward.

Symptoms Associated with Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia occurs when an expectant mother experiences a sharp rise in their blood pressure. The condition may arise about halfway through a woman’s pregnancy. Some women experience extreme symptoms of preeclampsia while others are completely asymptomatic. In addition to high blood pressure, some common symptoms associated with this condition include fluid buildup in the lungs, unexpected weight gain, an increase of certain proteins in the mother’s urine, and severe pain.

Mismanaged preeclampsia may cause significant maternal and infant complications. For the mother, conditions such as organ failure, clotting, nerve damage, seizures, renal failure, and stroke may ensue. Infant complications associated with this condition may include early birth, hypoxia, brain damage, cerebral palsy, and cognitive impairment.

Risk Factors for the Onset of Preeclampsia

This condition may occur when there is a lack of blood flow to the placenta and uterus, which leads to the mother’s blood pressure increase. Certain genetic factors, issues with immunity, and inadequate nutrition also have been cited as potential reasons for the development of this condition. Women who already have high blood pressure, geriatric pregnancies, obesity, and carrying multiple babies in the womb also may put an expectant mother at increased risk for this condition.

Physicians are typically able to detect preeclampsia through traditional monitoring of a mother’s blood pressure and urine. When a physician believes that a mother may have preeclampsia, the standard medical response is to order further tests on the urine and blood, along with other diagnostics such as ultrasounds. If a doctor does not respond appropriately to warning signs of preeclampsia, mothers with this condition may be able to secure compensatory damages with the help of a Phoenix attorney.

Identifying Medical Negligence

In a negligence lawsuit, the court would review the medical provider’s application of the appropriate standard of care when determining whether or not to award damages to a claimant. In other words, if the healthcare provider failed to uphold the medical care standard that would otherwise have been provided by a reasonably skilled physician acting in the same circumstances, this could suggest medical negligence.

Within the context of a preeclampsia birth injury case, if the medical provider failed to order the appropriate tests to confirm or rule out the condition when a reasonably competent doctor would have done so, they may be considered negligent. A Phoenix preeclampsia attorney could help a claimant prove each element of negligence necessary to establish a viable claim for financial damages

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