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Erb’s Palsy is a medical condition that is a serious nerve injury to the brachial plexus fibers, also known as “Erb’s Point”. It affects the movement of a baby’s arms, shoulders and hands. It is one of many birth injuries that can occur when a baby is improperly pulled out of the birth canal. It begins when a baby’s shoulder gets stuck in the birth canal, referred to as “shoulder dystocia”. When this occurs, the baby’s head is then pulled and the shoulders are stretched, resulting in very severe damage to the surrounding nerves that can result in permanent paralysis.

Erb’s Palsy, also known as Brachial Plexus Palsy, commonly occurs because a doctor misdiagnosis fails to diagnose or underestimates a mother or babies condition prior to birth. In many instances, the baby is much too large to fit properly through the birth canal or a mother’s pelvis is too small for a vaginal birth. This can then result in the baby becoming stuck, sometimes resulting in use of forceps or a vacuum extraction to attempt to ease the baby’s birth. Tragically, many cases involving Erb’s Palsy could have been avoided had the doctor or other medical professionals not been negligent in their actions.

Filing a Phoenix Erb’s Palsy Claim

When you are under the care of a doctor or other medical personal all precautionary measures should be taken to insure the safety and health of both mother and child. When this does not occur it can have devastating consequences. If you believe that your child is the victim of a doctor’s negligence resulting in Erb’s Palsy, please contact a Phoenix Erb’s Palsy attorney at our firm today. As experienced erb’s palsy lawyers we may be able to file a medical malpractice claim on your behalf for monetary compensation for medical expenses, future medical care, loss of wages, pain and suffering and much more.

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