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If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, you quickly understand how dangerous the streets of Phoenix can be. When a bicycle collides with a motorized vehicle, the resulting injuries are often quite severe.

If someone else’s negligence or recklessness contributed to the accident, you might be entitled to compensation. A Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer could protect your rights and explain your options for recovery. Contacting a personal injury lawyer soon after an accident could help you avoid simple mistakes that may diminish your award.

Prompt Action Could Make a Big Difference

After a bike accident, the natural impulse is to focus on recovering physical health before thinking about legal issues like liability. It is wise to give some thought to meeting future needs, however. Reaching out to a Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer early in the process could be crucial to protecting your long-term interests.

Gathering Evidence

Injuries from a bike accident generate medical bills and lost income for the injured cyclist, their caregiver or both. Working with an experienced Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer soon after the collision could enable an attorney to begin right away collecting evidence to support a claim to be filed later to recover compensation to pay these expenses. The availability and quality of evidence decreases rapidly with time.

Speaking with Insurers

In addition to collecting evidence, an attorney could answer questions from insurance companies and provide advice to prevent the injured bicyclist from saying something that could be used against them in litigation. For instance, polite statements could be taken out of context as an admission of fault. Allowing a legal advocate to speak on behalf of the victim can allow more time and energy to focus on healing.

Statute of Limitations

An attorney could also keep tabs on crucial deadlines such as the statute of limitations. Claims must be filed within two years in many cases, but the deadline could be much sooner if a government entity is a named defendant.

Compensation Could Make Up for Numerous Losses

A person injured in a bicycle accident will have medical bills and other economic losses. The accident victim will also suffer from pain and other intangible effects that are not easy to quantify but may have a significant impact on their life.

An experienced Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer could calculate the value of all these losses, which provides a figure to evaluate. The fairness of any settlement offers received. It is important to plan for future medical needs, including therapy and transportation costs, and the potential for a reduced income in the future.

Establishing Liability

To recover damages after a bicycle accident, the injured cyclist must show that the negligence of another caused the accident, at least in part. A bicycle accident lawyer in Phoenix could demonstrate negligence by showing that another motorist failed to exercise ordinary care on the road and that the failure caused the accident to occur.

If the bicyclist acted in a way that contributed to the cause of the collision, that action would not prevent recovery of damages. However, comparative negligence could reduce the amount recovered in proportion to the share of fault.

Contact a Knowledgeable Phoenix Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, you might not be certain whether you are entitled to seek compensation. It may be wise to hear a case evaluation from an experienced Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer to learn your options before making any statements or accepting any settlement offers.

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