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When a family member dies, it can take years to heal from the loss. In addition to emotional trauma, family members and friends may be responsible for final expenses as well as medical bills and other debts.

In some cases, a negligent party that caused the decedent’s death may be liable for the resulting financial harms. For this reason, it may be beneficial to contact a Mesa wrongful death lawyer to review the details of the case and pursue possible legal damages through a personal injury claim. En Español.

Common Examples of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death can take many forms. Some common examples include inadequate medical care, including poor maternity services.  Families have reasonable expectations when they seek hospital care for their loved one. Foremost, they are entitled to practitioners who make reasonable medical decisions in a sanitary facility. If a patient dies because of the negligence or ignorance of medical staff, the estate may be entitled to damages. Likewise, unsanitary conditions in the medical center may be grounds for a wrongful death suit.

Sometimes, negligent or inebriated drivers kill others on the road, and a jury may deem traffic accidents as wrongful deaths. Sometimes, avoidable accidents happen at the workplace. In some cases, mistakes on the part of the employer or coworkers can constitute wrongful death.

After the death of a loved one, individuals are entitled to consult an avoidable death attorney in Mesa. The attorney may be able to determine the best course of action for the bereaved.

Legal Basis for Wrongful Death in Arizona

When a person dies in a preventable way, those who survive the decedent are entitled to recoup damages on behalf of the deceased.

The term “survivor” is sometimes used in legal documents to refer to the individuals who represent the interests of the deceased. Per Arizona Revised Statute 12-611, survivors are entitled to file wrongful death claims on behalf of the estate.

Individuals may have questions about the details of the death of their loved one. A personal injury attorney in Mesa may be able to help these people to interpret Arizona laws surrounding wrongful death.

Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death

Arizona law grants individuals a two-year window for filing a wrongful death claim in court. This window is sometimes called the “statute of limitations.”

In many cases, the traffic accident, workplace mistake, or medical error occurs before the date of death. A.R.S. 12-542 states that the two-year period begins at the day of the wrongful death and not when the initial negligence occurred.

Survivors can learn more about the statute of limitations and how it relates to their specific case by speaking with a wrongful death attorney in Mesa.

Hire a Mesa Wrongful Death Attoreny

Wrongful death is a serious claim that deserves serious attention. If you have questions about the wrongful death of a loved one, speak with a Mesa wrongful death lawyer today. The attorney may be able to help you interpret Arizona law and build a case against the party responsible for your loved one’s death.

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