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Workers’ compensation hearings can be lengthy and complex proceedings. In some cases, it may be unclear whether you as the employee caused your injuries, or whether your injuries were the result of a failure on the part of the company you work for. In either case, though, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

A seasoned personal injury attorney might be able to help you prepare a workers’ compensation claim and represent your interests during the process of benefit hearings. An experienced Mesa workers’ compensation lawyer should understand the full range of benefits to which you may be entitled and could help you throughout the entire litigation process. En Español.

Medical Consultants in Workers’ Compensation Claims

When claimants seek workers’ compensation in Mesa, the Industrial Commission of Arizona may require that three medical consultants review the claim, per Arizona Revised Statutes §23-901.03(A). The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) is responsible for vetting potential physicians who can serve in this capacity and forming a list of consultants from which the Commission may choose.

When the three medical experts review a case, they look to verify that the illness was directly related to the claimant’s workplace or work environment. The medical consultants then publish a report in which they corroborate or deny the employee’s claims. This report would be considered true and correct by the Commission.

For this reason, it can be essential that the proper steps are followed during all parts of the medical consultation process. A Mesa attorney could help walk a claimant through each step of the workers’ compensation process.

Possible Benefits in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Claimants in a workers’ compensation case may pursue both short-term and long-term benefits when they are injured on the job. For treatable illness or mild to moderate personal injuries, the claimant might recover short-term benefits such as lost income and bills for one-time medical procedures.

Long-term benefits may apply to cases involving serious illness and bodily harm. When individuals are unable to continue their careers, for instance, workers’ compensation benefits may provide them with job retraining services. A workers’ compensation claim lawyer in Mesa could assist a claimant with identifying recoverable benefits in their particular case.

Misconduct Clause in Mesa

Per A.R.S. §23-901.04, employees who engaged in workplace misconduct will be precluded from benefits. In cases of alleged misconduct, legal counsel could review the circumstances to determine any potential fault of the employee seeking workers’ compensation.

Some examples of potentially actionable misconduct include accessing unauthorized sites and using work materials or products in an inappropriate manner that may increase the incidence of injury. Also, employees who violate posted guidelines at the workplace and suffer injuries typically cannot recover benefits.

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When an employee suffers an injury or illness at work, they may be eligible for financial compensation. The financial impact of workplace injuries can be as harmful as the pain and suffering itself. If you suffered injuries during your normal job duties, contact a knowledgeable Mesa workers’ compensation lawyer immediately for a comprehensive review of your claim.

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