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Federal law imposes specific restrictions on the cargo weight limit that commercial vehicles can transport. The gross weight limit for commercial vehicles with five or more axles is 80,000 pounds while single and steering axle commercial vehicles have a 20,000-pound upper weight restriction. Arizona law adheres to the federal weight guidelines, and the violation of these requirements could lead to serious crashes.

If a truck with excess cargo collided with you, it may be advisable to speak with a Mesa overweight truck accident lawyer. A personal injury attorney could examine evidence from the crash to determine how the accident happened and who may be held legally liable. Additionally, an accomplished attorney could protect your rights and fight vigilantly to hold the at-fault party or parties accountable for your damages.

Overweight Truck Collision Damages

The long-term consequences of an overweight tractor-trailer collision can be catastrophic. Common injuries in these types of crashes include spinal cord injuries, paralysis, brain damage, internal harm, burns, and loss of a limb.

The impact of these injuries may result in drastic and adverse physical and financial damages. A Mesa attorney could help an individual injured in a crash caused by a truck being overloaded pursue compensation for their damages. There is a multitude of damages that may be recoverable in a successful personal injury lawsuit, such as the claimant’s lost wages, medical expenses, mental anguish, pain, suffering, scarring, disfigurement, and future lost earnings.

Who is at Fault for Overloaded Truck Crashes?

Proving legal fault in a case involving a commercial vehicle that was carrying excess cargo can prove to be difficult without the help of a seasoned Mesa lawyer. There may be numerous parties responsible for the vehicle being overloaded that could owe the injured party compensation. The liable parties could include the truck driver, trucking company, or cargo loader. To hold any of these parties liable for damages, the injured individual must establish the four elements of negligence:

  • Duty — The defendant owed the claimant a legal duty (i.e., the truck driver had a responsibility to the claimant to drive with reasonable care)
  • Breach — The defendant breached their legal duty (i.e., the truck driver was speeding)
  • Causation — The defendant’s breach was the cause of the claimant’s injuries
  • Damages — The claimant’s injuries caused them to endure damages that can be compensated (i.e., emotional distress, hospital expenses, etc.)

A skilled attorney could help the injured party file a negligence-based claim for monetary damages. It is also important to be aware of the laws governing shared negligence noted under Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-2505. When both the claimant and the defendant are legally liable in an overweight semi-truck crash, the claimant is still allowed to receive compensation, but their percentage of liability will be subtracted from their recoverable damages.

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