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Mesa Uninsured Motorist Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Automobiles striking and injuring motorcyclists is an unfortunate occurrence in and around Mesa. These accidents can lead to permanent, catastrophic, or even fatal injuries. The extensive medical bills that come with these injuries can be challenging to pay for a rider that is too injured to work.

For this reason, state law requires a minimum level of liability insurance for every motorist. While most residents comply, some motorists allow their policies to lapse or fail to renew them entirely. If these uninsured motorists cause a motorcycle accident, the rider could have difficulty with filing a liability insurance claim.

A dedicated personal injury attorney could assist you in taking legal action against the responsible party. A Mesa uninsured motorist motorcycle accident lawyer could advise you on other insurance policies that might provide coverage in your situation.

How UIM Coverage Protects Bikers in Mesa

Motorcyclists – like other motorists – must carry a minimum level of liability insurance before driving in Mesa. While these insurance companies must provide motorcyclists with the option to purchase uninsured motorist coverage, it is not mandatory.

Uninsured motorist (UIM) coverage is different from a standard liability policy. While liability insurance protects the insured rider from claims when they are responsible for a crash, UIM claims cover the losses of the insured rider. This coverage is not always available, however. A rider may only file a UIM claim if the driver responsible for the crash does not have enough insurance coverage to pay for the damages, or if they lack insurance entirely. A Mesa attorney could help a rider involved in a motorcycle accident file an insurance claim if the motorist that struck them does not have coverage.

UIM claims are similar to a comprehensive policy. If the insurer accepts the claim, it could provide benefits to the rider for their medical bills, motorcycle repair costs, and other losses. If the responsible driver has some insurance coverage, a UIM policy will take care of the damages left over after the liability limits are exhausted.

State law provides protection for riders filing a UIM claim that many jurisdictions lack. According to Arizona Statute Section 20-263, an insurance provider may not increase premiums after the filing of a UIM claim.

Time Limit to File an Insurance Claim

There is a deadline for the filing of a lawsuit following an accident. The same is true for the filing of an uninsured motorist claim, as an insurance company does not have to honor a claim filed after the deadline. According to Arizona Statute Section 12-555, the deadline to file a UIM claim is three years.

The beginning of this three-year period can vary. A Mesa rider or their attorney must file a written uninsured motorist motorcycle accident claim within three years of learning the other driver was uninsured, the date the rider knew or should have known their liability claim was denied, or the date the biker knew or should have known the insurance company was insolvent.

Speak with a Mesa Uninsured Motorist Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It can be stressful to learn the driver that caused your injury accident was uninsured. If you lack comprehensive coverage, you could be looking at substantial out-of-pocket costs for your medical treatment.

A Mesa uninsured motorist motorcycle accident lawyer might be able to help whether or not you have UIM coverage. To discuss your options, set up a free consultation immediately.

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