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Motorcycle riders in Arizona earn a special license to operate their bike. The license is meant to ensure that riders have an understanding of the specific hazards that exist while operating a motorcycle. Unfortunately, no amount of training on the part of motorcyclists can prevent an accident when other drivers act negligently on the road.

If you were injured while riding your motorbike, other drivers might be partly or fully responsible for the incident. A Mesa motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to explain the steps in a personal injury lawsuit and help you claim damages. En Español.

Reasons for Motorcycle Crashes

Too often, impaired or distracted drivers create deadly road conditions. Drivers who use phones while on the road may not notice a motorcycle in an adjacent line. Additionally, motorists who are inebriated or high may ignore stop signs and traffic lights. Similarly, failure to adapt to changing road conditions, such as fog, rain or wind, may cause a drive to collide with a motorcyclist.

Poor driving may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. A motorbike collision attorney in Mesa may help complainants to build a case against a negligent driver by collecting evidence,

Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

Damages in a motorcycle accident can be economic or non-economic. After a crash, a motorcyclist may be entitled to economic damages like medical expenses and lost wages. In some cases, non-economic damages like compensation for pain, suffering, and trauma may be applicable.

Complainants and their attorney could prepare documents to show the damages they wrongfully endured. They may also use police reports, video footage, and witness testimony to establish the role that each motorist played in an accident.

Afterward, the jury will assign each party a percentage of fault for the accident. The level of responsibility can be anywhere from zero to 100 percent. Per Arizona Revised Statute 12-2505, motorcyclists may receive an award for damages that is reduced proportionately to their share of fault in the accident.

Limits to Damages in Mesa Motorbike Crashes

Unlike many states, Arizona does not limit the amount of damages that a plaintiff can recover in a lawsuit. Per Arizona State Constitution Article 2 Section 31, no damage cap will be applied to personal injury cases.

As a result of Arizona’s constitutional protections for personal injury complainants, even extremely costly medical bills and other damages may be recoverable. Mesa motorcyclists may choose to consult a local motorcycle crash lawyer to better understand damages under Arizona law.

Hiring a Mesa Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles provide operators with very little protection on the road, which can lead to severe injuries. In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, the financial strain of medical bills, lost wages, and trauma can be as life-changing as the accident itself.

You may be able to hold negligent drivers responsible for these damages following an accident. With the help of a Mesa motorcycle accident lawyer, you could pursue compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Reach out to an attorney today to learn about your legal options.

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