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Mesa Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Drivers and passengers involved in a side-impact crash face a higher risk of injury compared to other types of vehicle collisions. With only a thin door between their bodies and an oncoming car or truck, the impact could be devastating. A hard-working injury attorney could assist anyone injured in a side-impact crash with pursuing monetary compensation from the negligent driver that caused it.

A Mesa side-impact car accident lawyer could help you seek the maximum available compensation for your crash. During your recovery, your legal counsel could focus on your case while you focus on healing.

Types of Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions fall into two broad categories: sideswipe and T-bone accidents. While they vary, both types of collisions have the potential for serious injury.

T-Bone Collision

A T-bone car accident is what many people envision when they hear the term “side-impact accident.” These accidents involve the front of a vehicle colliding with the side of another. Together, the two cars form the shape of a “T,” which inspires the name of the crash. These accidents have the potential for devastating harm. Cars have limited crash absorption in the side compared to other parts of the vehicle. In many cases, these collisions occur when one or both vehicles are traveling at high speed, resulting in catastrophic damage.

Sideswipe Accident

A sideswipe crash typically does not have the same impact as a T-bone collision. These accidents occur when the sides of vehicles collide, typically when both are traveling parallel to each other. These accidents often happen when drivers change lanes or merge onto the roadway without keeping a careful lookout for other motorists. The danger in these accidents occurs when one or both drivers lose control of the vehicle. This can happen when the side-impact causes a driver to spin out of control and potentially roll over.

If successful, either type of collision could lead to significant financial compensation. Working with a Mesa attorney could help a person injured in a side-impact vehicle collision obtain the compensation they need to recover.

Proving Negligence in a T-Bone Crash Lawsuit

The courts will not award damages for everyone that has suffered an injury in a crash. To recover compensation, a Mesa driver or their attorney must prove that the other motorist involved in the sideswipe or T-bone accident was negligent. Proving negligence requires the plaintiff to establish four factors:

  • The defendant held a duty to act reasonably
  • The defendant breached their duty
  • The breached duty caused the accident
  • The plaintiff suffered compensable damages in the accident

In Mesa, all drivers owe each other a duty to drive safely. Often, car collision lawsuits boil down to whether a driver breached that duty or not.

Negligence could lead to a side-impact collision in several ways. Often, drivers that ignore stop signs or traffic signals will strike cross traffic when they enter an intersection. These accidents are also common when two lanes merge, or when drivers exit parking lots and enter a roadway.

Work with a Mesa Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

If another person is responsible for causing your side-impact crash, you might have a claim for monetary damages against them. While taking on these claims might seem difficult, an attorney could ease your concerns and answer your questions.

Speaking with a Mesa side-impact car accident lawyer could provide you with guidance for seeking monetary compensation. Schedule a case evaluation to learn more.

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