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Mesa Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

Front-end car collisions are one of the most devastating types of vehicle collisions. Also known as a head-on collision, these accidents occur when the front of two vehicles strike each other. These collisions are often severe even when both vehicles are traveling at low speed.

If you have suffered an injury in a head-on crash, you could rely on an experienced injury attorney to seek damages from the other driver. A Mesa front-end car accident lawyer could review your case and assist you in proving that the other party was negligent.

Common Factors in a Front-End Crash

There are countless reasons why a front-end car accident might occur. Road conditions are constantly changing, and the failure of a motorist to adapt to those changes could result in a crash. A driver that fails to pay attention behind the wheel or loses control could find themselves crossing the centerline and striking oncoming traffic.

These accidents often occur due to driver negligence. Examples of negligent behavior include:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Fatigued driving
  • Illegal passing
  • Distracted driving

Establishing that the other driver’s negligence was at fault for a front-end crash is central to most claims for compensation. However, driver negligence is not the only potential cause of a front-end crash. Some accidents occur due to mechanical failure or malfunction. Anything from a failing steering column to defective brakes could lead to a front-end collision. When a front-end car accident occurs in Mesa, an dedicated attorney could bring a lawsuit against the defective part manufacturer.

Comparative Negligence in Mesa

Identifying the party responsible for a front-end accident is not always simple. In many cases, each driver could play a part in causing the crash. For example, both drivers that cross over the centerline of a narrow road could each face some responsibility if they collide. Arizona Statute Section 12-2505 applies a legal standard known as pure comparative negligence when a plaintiff is partially responsible for an accident.

According to the statute, a plaintiff may pursue monetary compensation even if they are partially responsible for the crash. This is true even if they are primarily responsible for causing the accident. However, a plaintiff may not seek compensation for accidents they intentionally or willfully caused.

The statute also requires a jury to reduce any award of damages by a degree relative to a plaintiff’s fault. For example, a plaintiff that is 75 percent at fault for a front-end crash may recover no more than 25 percent of their damages in the accident. An attorney representing a Mesa injury victim in a head-on collision case could show the jury that their client was not at fault in the crash.

Reach Out to a Mesa Front-End Car Accident Attorney

Skilled legal counsel could make a significant difference in any head-on vehicle crash case. From investigating the nature of a collision to arguing your case in front of a jury, an attorney could help you maximize your financial recovery.

Getting the most out of your injury claim starts with hiring a Mesa front-end car accident lawyer. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

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