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Mesa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Throughout Mesa, plenty of people ride their bicycles each day for practical and recreational purposes. The roads around Mesa reward riders with panoramas of beautiful canyons and mountains. Unfortunately, they also pose specific dangers. In 2018, there were 1,380 traffic crashes involving bicyclists throughout the state, and the majority of these accidents took place in urban locations like Mesa.

If you were injured while riding your bicycle, you might be entitled to recover damages. Speak with a Mesa bicycle accident lawyer today for a legal review of your case. A personal injury lawyer could work to hold a negligent driver accountable and protect your financial interests.

Types of Damages in a Cycling Accident

Bicycle frames provide little to no protection for riders involved in a traffic accident. As a result, injuries from a bike crash are often more severe than automobile collisions and other road accidents, leading to significant damages.

Damages in a personal injury case are divided into two types, economic and non-economic. Economic damages may be easier to demonstrate to the jury, as they involve quantifiable monetary injuries like medical bills and lost income.

Non-economic damages can include physical and emotional pain. If a biker is unable to continue their normal life because of sustained emotional trauma, a defendant may be liable for that personal harm. A bike crash attorney in Mesa may be able to review a biker’s accident and its aftermath to draft a full demand package.

Statute of Limitations for Bicycle Crashes

Bicyclists must act swiftly in the aftermath of an accident. Arizona Revised Statute 12-542 allows riders just two years to file a personal injury claim in court. The law stipulates that the claim must be “commenced and prosecuted” within the two-year period. Therefore, riders have limited time to consider their options.

Sometimes, personal injury claims can be settled expediently out of court. An attorney may be able to pursue settlement options on behalf of the injured party through negotiations with a defendant’s insurance company.

Comparative Negligence for Bicycle Crashes

In Arizona, the role that a plaintiff plays in a crash determines the amount of damages that they can recover in a lawsuit. This is referred to as “pure comparative negligence” in the legal code.

Under state law, each person involved in a traffic accident has a certain percentage of total fault for the crash. The jury determines the percentage of fault for each person using data and reports from police agencies. Cyclers who are deemed five percent responsible for a crash, for instance, are still eligible to recover 95 percent of all damages from others.

A Mesa bike crash lawyer may be able to review police reports and other documents to determine potential outcomes and fight counterclaims of contributory negligence.

Retaining a Mesa Bike Accident Attorney

Most cyclists take every possible precaution to prevent a wreck. Unfortunately, motorists are unlikely to practice the same level of care.

Car insurance companies have several tricks to deny driver responsibility and limit payouts. You should retain an attorney who will advocate for your interests in and out of court. Every case has different factors and possible legal actions. If you were hurt due to the negligence of others on the road, you should speak with a Mesa bicycle accident lawyer today.

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