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There is nothing unusual about sharing the highway with large commercial trucks. These vehicles are a constant presence on the roads and highways near Gilbert, and most drivers give them little thought. However, when these large trucks cause an accident, the resulting injuries are often devastating. If you or someone you know sustained an injury by a large commercial vehicle, a Gilbert truck accident lawyer could review your claim with you.

Truck collisions have the potential to cause life-altering injuries or even death. If you or someone you know and love suffered an injury following a truck collision, you have the right to bring an injury lawsuit against the responsible operator.

Common Defendants in a Truck Accident

While the truck operator involved in a crash is frequently a named party in a truck collision lawsuit, there are a variety of sources you could recover compensation from. No two truck crashes are the same, but there are some common entities that could face liability after a truck crash. Ultimately, a Gilbert truck accident lawyer must determine the appropriate defendants in any truck crash litigation.

Negligent Operators

Most truck accident lawsuits include the truck operator as a party. These operators could face liability any time their negligence leads to a collision. There are countless ways a truck operator could cause a crash, from driving while intoxicated to running a red light. Any negligent, reckless, or intentional act that leads to a wreck could result in liability.

Trucking Companies

The owner of a truck involved in a crash could face liability under a few different theories. If the negligent trucker was operating under the scope of their employment during the crash, the trucking company could be on the hook for any losses victims experience.

There are other circumstances where the trucking company could face liability, however. If the truck owner is negligent in hiring an unsafe driver, or if it fails to maintain the truck in a safe condition, victims might recover compensation from the trucking company.


In some cases, a Gilbert truck accident lawyer may bring an injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of the truck or its parts. When a commercial vehicle is defective, any wrecks caused by a defect could lead to monetary compensation for the plaintiff.

State or Local Government

When the cause of a crash stems from the negligent maintenance or design of a roadway, the government entity responsible for it could be a potential defendant in an injury case. Some roadways are unsafe for trucks due to poor design. Examples include turns that are too sharp or inclines that are too steep. A local government could also face liability if the poor state of repair rendered the roadway dangerous.

Compensation from a Truck Accident Lawsuit

When a plaintiff prevails in the truck accident claim, there are many types of damages that the jury might award. These damages are designed to compensate for an injury victim for their physical, emotional, or financial losses. Common examples include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disfigurement

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Commercial trucks collide with passenger vehicles every day. Thankfully, an injured truck accident victim has the right to seek compensation for any injuries they received at the time.

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