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Premises liability lawsuits are an unfortunate necessity in Gilbert and throughout the State of Arizona. When a property owner fails to maintain the safety of their land, they could face liability for any resulting injuries.

If you believe you have grounds for a premises liability claim, consider contacting an accomplished personal injury attorney right away. You are entitled to pursue compensation, but the process can feel overwhelming without the help of a Gilbert premises liability lawyer. Reach out today to set up a free consultation.

Classifications of Visitors in a Premises Liability Case

Not every injury that occurs on another’s land will result in a valid personal injury claim. The protection owed to a visitor by the property owner depends on the visitor’s relationship to the premises. While invited guests receive a higher duty of care, uninvited guests often have no legal protections whatsoever.

Frequently, the success of a premises liability lawsuit will hinge on the classification of the injured visitor. Visitors fall into one of three categories: invitees, licensees, and trespassers. A Gilbert premises liability attorney could make the case that the victim was on the property lawfully and was owed a duty of care by the landowner.


An invitee is someone present on the property for the benefit of the owner. Invitees can include customers in a place of business or contractors at a private residence. Notably, the invitation to enter the premises can be implied. A property owner owes invitees a duty to maintain a safe premises and warn of any hazards.


A Gilbert property owner does not owe the same duty to a licensee as they do to an invitee. While licensees enter the premises lawfully, they are there for their own purposes. A common example of a licensee is a social visitor. A property owner must warn licensees of any unforeseen hazards on the premises.


Unlike invitees and licensees, a trespasser does not have permission to enter the premises. Most of the time, a property owner does not owe a trespasser any duty. There are some exceptions, however, and property owners generally may not intentionally harm trespassers.

Deadline to File a Gilbert Lawsuit

Arizona law imposes a statute of limitations on every lawsuit filed within the state. The statute of limitations serves as a deadline for the filing of a personal injury case. If the plaintiff fails to file within the prescribed time limit, the courts may bar the lawsuit.

In a Gilbert premises liability case, the deadline to file suit is two years from the date of the injury. For help meeting this strict deadline, victims could benefit from contacting an experienced attorney as quickly as possible.

Reach Out to a Gilbert Premises Liability Attorney

If you suffered an injury on another person’s land, you could have a viable premises liability claim. However, your compensation depends in part on whether you were on the property with permission.

To maximize your chance of recovering compensation, consider discussing your options with a Gilbert premises liability lawyer. Reach out right away to schedule an initial consultation.

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