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Gilbert Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

Emergency rooms are busy places, and the medical professionals that staff them are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the patients. However, mistakes can still happen, and when they do, patients can be seriously harmed or even die. If you suffered an injury due to a medical professional’s error while visiting an ER, you might benefit from a dedicated injury attorney. A Gilbert emergency room error lawyer could help you obtain compensation from those whose careless mistakes harmed you.

Causes of Errors in Gilbert Emergency Rooms

A health care professional may be liable for harm caused in an ER if they are found not to have practiced reasonable care to the patient. In some cases, medical errors and mistakes would not arise at all if the professionals involved exercised additional care or if the hospital’s administrators had better safeguards in place. Some examples of failing to exercise reasonable care include:

  • Understaffing resulting in overworked and exhausted staff
  • A doctor neglecting to order routine tests that could save a specific patient’s life
  • Administering the wrong or incorrect dosage of a medication to a patient

Patients impacted by negligent events like these often need additional medical treatment, which can cause additional financial burden for the patient and their family. A Gilbert attorney could look over the facts of the emergency room error to determine who the liable party or parties are. By filing an injury claim, a plaintiff may be able to receive compensation to help pay for any additional medical treatment.

When to Settle in Cases of ER Mistakes

Patients hurt in the ER may find that the hospital and doctor involved would like to settle any lawsuit the patient may file. In a settlement, the individuals and entities who may have played a role in the patient’s injuries offer to pay him or her a sum of money without having to go trial.

Before taking a settlement offer, though, the patient should consult with trusted legal counsel. Sometimes the amounts offered to settle a case do not address many of the patient’s long-term costs.

While only the patient can decide whether to accept a settlement offer or to go to trial, this is a decision best made with the help of an attorney. An ER accident lawyer could help a Gilbert plaintiff calculate their damages to determine if they are being offered a fair settlement. If the plaintiff is not being offered adequate compensation, they may benefit from taking the case to trial.

Seek a Gilbert Emergency Room Errors Attorney For Guidance Moving Forward

If you suffered harm and financial injury because of an ER mistake, you might not need to pay for your recovery yourself. Compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses may be available to you. An injury lawyer could help you identify the negligent party and hold them accountable for your injuries.

Call a Gilbert emergency room error lawyer today. With the help of experienced legal counsel, you could focus on your physical recovery while they focus on your financial recovery.

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