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Sometimes pharmaceutical companies hurry a new drug through important clinical trials in a rush to enter the market. In these situations, the manufacturer may not be aware of all the side effects of the medication. In other cases, drug makers become aware of serious complications caused by the medicine they produce but fail to recall the product.

If you were injured by the negligence of a drug manufacturer, a personal injury attorney might be your best advocate in and out of the courtroom. A Gilbert dangerous drugs lawyer could advise you on the different pathways to pursue damages for your injuries. En Español.

Common Dangerous Drugs

A number of current and obsolete pharmaceutical drugs have injured or killed unsuspecting patients. Even after has been pulled from the shelves, impacted individuals may be able to file a lawsuit, if the statute of limitations has not expired.

Some antidepressant medications have been linked to suicidal tendencies among users. Zoloft, Paxil, and other brands have been held responsible for the improper labeling of their products, which failed to warn consumers of the risks.

Birth control medications have led to blood clots and heart attacks for otherwise healthy women. Yaz has been linked to several serious pulmonary diseases.

Depatoke has helped thousands of Americans who have epilepsy or bipolar disorder. However, the drug’s manufacturer failed to warn pregnant mothers about the risk of congenital disabilities.

New drug recalls occur each year. Individuals who suffer injuries and suspect that a pharmaceutical drug may have played a role in the illness may be entitled to damages. A dangerous drugs attorney in Gilbert may be able to help individuals file a formal complaint.

Liability of Drug Manufacturers

Drug manufacturers must disclose all possible side-effects of a medication. If contraindications are not stated on the bottle, users who take other drugs may suffer serious side effects. Drug manufacturers who fail to warn users of the risks of taking their medication could be held liable.

Other times, the formula or design of the drug proves to be problematic, or drug companies that fail to study short and long-term side effects of the drug may also be liable for damages. If drug makers create hazardous medications, customers may suffer bodily injury.

If a pharmaceutical company is found liable for selling dangerous medications that harm consumers, they could be responsible for paying damages. A victim of a defective medication could seek damages with the help of a Gilbert lawyer for medical bills, further treatment, and pain and suffering.

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Each year, new drugs are recalled after government agencies and private researchers discover their harmful effects. In some instances, pharmaceutical manufacturers were aware of the dangerous nature of these drugs but failed to disclose these dangerous to the public.

If you suffer illness because of a defective medication, you may be entitled to fair compensation for the full extent of your losses. Contact a Gilbert dangerous drugs lawyer today to schedule a consultation and begin the claims process.

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