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Gilbert Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of another person’s negligence, you might benefit from speaking to a qualified injury attorney. While nothing could take away the injuries you sustained, a Gilbert traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you begin the process of seeking financial recovery.

An Overview of Traumatic Brain Injuries

“Traumatic brain injury” is a term encompassing various types of trauma and harm that can impact the brain. Traumatic brain injuries may be inflicted by:

  • Piercing injuries, wherein a foreign object penetrates the skull and harms the brain
  • Blunt force trauma, which occurs when an external object hits a person’s head and the resulting forces damage the brain
  • Whiplash-like forces that cause the brain to shake violently from side to side inside the skull

Additionally, medical personnel classifies traumatic brain injuries according to severity. A person hitting their head in a minor sports injury may cause a minor injury that leads to no permanent harm. On the other hand, a severe brain injury that results from a significant car crash or slip and fall accident could lead to permanent disabilities.

The severity of the brain injury, along with the amount of time it takes for the injured victim to obtain medical care, could play a tremendous role in determining the extent and permanency of any limitations the victim may suffer. A qualified Gilbert traumatic brain injury attorney could determine the extent of the injuries and associated effects in order to calculate potential recovery.

 Seeking Compensation in Gilbert

When one person causes a car wreck or other injury accident that leaves another person with a traumatic brain injury, the injured person may have a claim against the negligent party for compensation. Compensation could cover economic and non-economic losses.

If the defendant behaved carelessly or recklessly in a way that directly caused the plaintiff’s losses, the defendant could be held liable for the losses the plaintiff incurred and the injuries they sustained. This compensation could be used to reimburse the plaintiff for economic damages such as medical expenses and wages they were unable to earn.

Additionally, non-economic damages a plaintiff could potentially recover include pain and anguish and loss of consortium. Lawyers who commonly handle traumatic brain injury cases in Gilbert could assist plaintiffs in identifying all past and anticipated future expenses that may be compensable.

Speak with a Gilbert Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

If you lose consciousness, have trouble balancing, or have difficulty speaking clearly after a head injury, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury. After seeking immediate medical care, you should then enlist the help of a Gilbert traumatic brain injury lawyer as soon as possible.

An experienced attorney could help you take the necessary steps to locate and safeguard evidence that could help show another person’s negligence caused your brain injury. With the right legal guidance, you may be able to hold the responsible party liable to pay for your expenses. Call today to begin discussing the compensation you might be able to reasonably expect through a settlement or trial.

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