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Gilbert Paralysis Injury Lawyer

If you suffered a paralyzing injury because another person was not careful or did something reckless, the negligent party could be held responsible for any expenses incurred due to the injury. Pursuing civil action with the guidance of a qualifed injury attorney could allow you to recover fair compensation to secure your financial wellbeing. With the help of a Gilbert paralysis injury lawyer, you could begin taking the steps needed to hold the at-fault parties accountable.

Litigation Process in Gilbert

The civil justice system in Arizona permits those who suffer serious injuries like paralysis to file a lawsuit against the person or persons they believe are most responsible for causing their injuries. To prevail and obtain compensation, the injured person must show that four propositions are true:

  • The defendant owed the injured plaintiff a duty to act in a careful way
  • The defendant did not fulfill this duty but instead acted in an unreasonably careless or reckless manner
  • The defendant is the primary cause of the plaintiff’s paralyzing injuries
  • The plaintiff incurred expenses and losses as a result of the injuries sustained

A lawsuit seeking compensation of this nature can be resolved through a settlement if both the plaintiff and the defendant can agree on what amount of payment is fair and reasonable. Otherwise, the plaintiff would need to take their lawsuit to trial before a judge or jury. A practiced Gilbert paralysis injury attorney could argue what amount of compensation is reasonable to make the plaintiff whole.

Potential Compensation in Paralysis Injury Claims

Any loss, expense, or cost that a plaintiff experiences because of the defendant’s careless actions is eligible for compensation. Expenses can be considered economic and non-economic. Economic expenses include the cost of present and future medical treatment, surgeries, assistive devices, and prescription drugs. If the plaintiff missed work for any length of time or could no longer work the same job, they may be compensated for these losses as well.

Non-economic damages do not have a price tag and therefore are more difficult to quantify. Experiencing physical pain or discomfort is one such intangible expense. Others include not being able to participate in leisurely or familial activities as the plaintiff once had and any loss of self-esteem or confidence due to the paralyzing injury.

Plaintiffs who obtain legal representation are in a better position to receive a compensation award through a trial or settlement. Experienced attorneys in Gilbert are familiar with the types of damages people with paralysis often experience as well as what amount of compensation they typically need to meet their needs each year.

Call a Gilbert Paralysis Injury Attorney For Personalized Counsel

Following an injury that results in paralysis, you may be unsure of what to do. Fortunately, a Gilbert paralysis injury lawyer could help you. They could evaluate your situation and help you understand what rights you may have in the case.

As time passes, the evidence is lost or destroyed, and witnesses become difficult to locate. It becomes difficult to exercise your legal rights. Reach out to an attorney today to begin the process of obtaining compensation for your injuries.

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