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Gilbert Burn Injury Lawyer

The workplace and the home are full of potential burn hazards. Corrosive chemicals, flammable household products, and faulty electrical wiring can all cause burns that can require surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Someone can create a burn hazard when he or she does not take reasonable precautions to prevent harm. If you sustained serious burns, you could benefit from reaching out to a qualified injury attorney. A Gilbert burn injury lawyer could help you recover financial compensation if another person’s carelessness causes you injury.

Common Examples of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are typically separated into three categories: first, second, and third-degree. Painful and red skin is a common sign of a first-degree burn. While uncomfortable, these burns typically heal on their own and do not need care beyond basic first-aid.

Second-degree burns are more significant and can produce complications. Extreme sunburns, contact with a corrosive cleanser, or coming into contact with a scalding-hot liquid or surface can cause second-degree burns. “Weeping” wounds and deep red, dark brown, or white skin can all indicate a second-degree burn wound.

A third-degree burn is a critical medical emergency. These burns penetrate all layers of skin, as well as the underlying tissue. Fire, an electrical burn, and certain chemicals are common causes of third-degree burns. People with these injuries need medical attention and may require skin grafts to repair the damage.

The severity of the burn impacts the amount of compensation a victim could potentially recover. A Gilbert attorney experienced with burn injuries could help a victim determine whether their injuries warrant a civil claim.

When is a Victim Entitled to Compensation for Their Burn?

When a person suffers a burn because of another person’s careless behavior, the burn victim may be able to obtain a judgment against the negligent person. This judgment would direct the at-fault parties to pay the victim compensation for the financial expenditures and emotional trauma experienced as a result of the injury. A court may order such a judgment if:

  • A manufacturer failed to adequately warn customers about the burn hazard present in one of its products
  • A drunk or negligent driver caused a crash that burns the victim
  • An employer or contractor did not take adequate precautions to protect others from a defective or exposed electrical line
  • A tanning studio did not replace or warn customers about a faulty tanning bed

Some burn accidents result in both parties reaching a settlement agreement. If the parties cannot reach such an arrangement, the victim will need to present evidence and testimony showing that the other person’s actions are what caused the injuries. A burn injury attorney could help a Gilbert plaintiff fight for sufficient compensation for their injuries.

Help from an Experienced Gilbert Burn Injury Attorney is Key

Victims who want to pursue compensation must do so within Arizona’s statute of limitations. The deadline to file a civil claim is two years from the date of the injury. Reaching out for legal assistance as soon as possible is one of the best steps you can take to preserve your legal rights. Call a Gilbert burn injury lawyer today to get started.

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