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Chandler Premises Liability Lawyer

If you were injured while visiting a business or residence, you may be eligible for financial compensation. If the injuries were caused by a property owner’s negligence, they could be held liable for the damages you suffered.

Without the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney, the process of filing a personal injury claim can be difficult to manage. A Chandler premises liability lawyer could help you begin the process of researching your injuries and fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Qualifying Injuries in Chandler

A range of situations can give rise to a premises liability lawsuit in Chandler. For example, if heavy rains make walkways impassible, the property manager might be responsible for resulting injuries if they fail to fix their damaged property within a reasonable amount of time.

Another potential cause of premises liability is the failure to provide adequate security. Without floodlights, guard rails, and security guards, certain properties—especially apartments and condominiums—may be inherently unsafe. If a property owner fails to provide visitors and/or residents with adequate safety guards, they could be held accountable for damages.

Other unsafe property conditions can also give cause for premises liability cases. A Chandler premises liability attorney could investigate property negligence within a particular plaintiff’s case.

Economic and Non-economic Losses in Premises Liability Cases

After an injury, plaintiffs may face financial or emotional burdens—or, put another way, economic or non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical bills for the injury or loss of income as a result of the injury.

Non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering or a decreased quality of life, are more difficult to quantify. Other non-economic concerns include mental anguish and loss of consortium. An experienced premises liability lawyer in Chandler could assist with substantiating non-economic damages.

Statute of Limitations for Lawsuits

It is important when filing a civil claim to ensure the time restrictions have not lapsed. The statute of limitations refers to the amount of time granted to claimants who wish to file a formal lawsuit. Per Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542, an injured individual has two years to file a personal injury claim.

Premises liability claims can be a lengthy process, as they require significant research into the causes of the accident. Researching and documenting relevant data and testimonies requires time on the part of the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s legal team. Therefore, individuals seeking damages in a premises liability case should be sure to contact legal counsel as soon as possible to begin collaborating on the filings.

Retaining a Premises Liability Attorney in Chandler

If you suffered an injury on another person’s property, you may be facing physical, mental and financial burdens. If the injury is due to the property owner’s negligence, they may be liable for both economic and non-economic damages.

Residential properties and businesses hire powerful legal firms to minimize their responsibility when individuals suffer injuries on their grounds. Therefore, it may be difficult to mount a successful legal offense on your own.

With the help of a dedicated legal team, you might have a much better chance of filing a successful damage claim within the allotted time period. Call a Chandler premises liability lawyer today to discuss the options available to you.

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