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Dispensing the incorrect drug to a patient or prescribing a medication that has a dangerous interaction with another drug a patient is taking are just two of the ways a medical professional’s drug-related mistake can harm patients. If you suffered an injury due to a prescription drug error, consider talking to a seasoned medical malpractice attorney. A Chandler prescription drug errors lawyer could help you pursue financial compensation for the harm you endured because of a medical professional’s negligence.

Types of Prescription Drug Errors

Doctors, pharmacists, and others who prescribe and dispense prescription drugs must complete years of education as well as residency or internship programs before they may begin working in the healthcare field. Nonetheless, medical professionals may make errors relating to prescription medications when:

  • The doctor prescribes the wrong medication for the patient’s condition
  • The pharmacist misreads the doctor’s prescription and gives the patient the wrong medication
  • Neither the doctor nor the pharmacist realizes that the prescribed medication can have an adverse reaction with other conditions or medicines of the patient
  • The doctor prescribes too high or too low of a dosage
  • The pharmacist fails to inform the patient about how they should take the medication and/or potential side effects to look out for

The effects of these mistakes can vary from mild reactions and discomfort to life-threatening medical emergencies. Emergency room and other medical treatment may be necessary, causing the patient to incur substantial debts. A seasoned Chandler prescription drug errors attorney could analyze a particular victim’s case to determine the best strategy to pursue compensation from the liable party.

Types of Compensation in Chandler

In Arizona, patients claiming there was a mistake relating to prescription medication may file a lawsuit that is similar to a medical malpractice case. For example, a patient could argue that the doctor or pharmacist made such a careless error that no other reasonable doctor or pharmacist would have, under the circumstances. A civil court that finds this to be true may award the injured patient compensation for their losses.

In calculating the amount of compensation they should receive, the patient and their legal representation must consider past expenses as well as any future costs the patient might need to address. Experienced lawyers who regularly handle medication error cases in Chandler are often in the best position to help injured patients accurately identify the amount of monetary compensation they might need.

Possible recoverable damages could include financial or economic losses such as loss of wages and any medical expenses incurred from the injuries sustained. A plaintiff could also be awarded non-economic damages for loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and a decreased quality of life.

Call a Chandler Prescription Drug Errors Attorney for Help

Proving that a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare worker acted carelessly in prescribing or dispensing drugs can be a daunting task. A court hearing such a case would want to scrutinize regulations, training materials, and industry practices to determine whether someone violated these norms in your specific situation.

While the process of gathering evidence could be overwhelming, you do not have to face it alone. With the help of a trained Chandler prescription drug errors lawyer, you could begin taking the necessary steps toward recovery. Speak with an attorney today.

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