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Chandler Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

Every second counts following a catastrophic injury or sudden illness, so getting to an emergency room and receiving competent medical treatment quickly can be a matter of life and death. However, as any experienced attorney knows, even the most skilled emergency room doctors and staff can make mistakes.

Overworked nurses or hurried doctors can misread a patient’s chart, fail to provide adequate care, or miss apparent signs that their condition is deteriorating. If you suffered injuries due to a medical professional’s negligence, a Chandler emergency room lawyer could work to help you in moving forward with civil litigation.

Compensation for Emergency Room Errors

An emergency room patient who is the victim of malpractice may face a long road to recovery. Most injured patients will need additional medical care to mitigate the effects of the error, and some patients may face long-lasting disabilities or potentially even die as a result of a mistake.

Through a civil lawsuit, an injured patient can pursue a judgment meant to address the cost of remedial medical treatments, unearned wages, mental and physical pain and anguish, and other similar losses. To be eligible for such compensation, the injured patient—or their Chandler emergency room errors attorney—would need to establish that the injury they experienced was caused by an emergency room worker’s unreasonable, careless mistake.

Establishing Fault in Chandler

Medical professionals such as doctors and nurses often put in long hours in a highly stressful environment and are expected to provide competent, accurate, and quality medical care to whoever comes into the emergency room. However, there may be others responsible for causing an injury in the emergency room, such as:

  • A staff member charged with intake, who does not accurately record the patient’s biometrics or notice a patient who needs immediate care
  • Pharmacists who do not provide a patient with the appropriate type or dosage of medication
  • Sanitation or janitorial crews who do not keep the emergency room clean and free of potential health hazards
  • Hospital administration who do not adequately screen or supervise doctors and other employees before permitting them to practice in the emergency room

A comprehensive lawsuit seeking to recover damages would need to include as defendants all individuals who may have played a role in the error. Identifying all of these potentially responsible individuals can take a considerable amount of time and effort, but a lawyer experienced with emergency room error cases could have the resources to help injured patients in Chandler with this important task.

Call a Chandler Emergency Room Errors Attorney to Learn More

The statute of limitations applicable to Arizona malpractice cases mean that individuals hurt in the ER only have two years from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit. Therefore, it may be essential to speak with legal counsel about your case as soon as possible, as a delay in seeking legal recourse can lead to you being denied any compensation at all.

It can take months or longer to recuperate from an ER mishap, but an attorney can help ensure your legal rights are protected. Contact a Chandler emergency room error lawyer today to ensure your claim for compensation is thoroughly investigated and vigorously pursued in court.

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