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Chandler Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites can cause severe physical injury and emotional distress, as well as financial burdens. If a negligent pet owner fails to control their dog, they could be held accountable for damages and may be required to pay you compensation for your injuries.

In the aftermath of a dog bite, addressing your physical and mental injuries may consume much of your available time. A dedicated Chandler dog bite lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for financial losses as well as for your pain and suffering. Reach out to a seasoned personal injury attorney today.

Liability in Dog Bite Incidents

Per Arizona Revised Statutes §11-1025, dog owners and caretakers may be held civilly liable when their dogs attack other people. This law does not address situations where dogs attack other pets, although a dog bite lawyer in Chandler might be able to determine qualifying cases of this nature.

If found liable, dog owners and caretakers may be responsible for damages suffered from the victim of the dog bite. These rules apply to animals with a previous aggressive animal distinction, as well as pets with no history of aggression.

Aggressive Animal Laws in Chandler

Some laws apply specifically to animals with a prior history of aggression and violence. A knowledgeable legal representative could help determine if someone’s case falls under this category.

A.R.S. §11-1014.01 requires that owners and caretakers of aggressive dogs take special care to isolate the animal from the general public. Specifically, the parties responsible for the care of this animal must make a reasonable effort to contain it within a fenced area.

The responsibilities of a dog’s owner or caretaker extend beyond the enclosure requirement. Additionally, individuals must take precautions to keep their animals from biting other residents, visitors, or workers who enter the property.

Therefore, a barrier around the perimeter may not be a sufficient preventative method. If family members, neighbors, or delivery personnel enter the property and suffer a dog bite, they may be able to hold the dog owner liable according to state law.

Ineligible Dog Bite Cases

Police and military dogs are largely exempt from dog bite lawsuits, per A.R.S. §11-1025. Under this statute, police or military dogs cannot be the subjects of lawsuits when they are harassed or provoked while:

  • Holding a suspect of a criminal activity
  • Working an investigation of a crime
  • Defending a peace officer or another person
  • Executing an arrest warrant

This statute leaves the jury some room for interpretation. A dog attack lawyer in Chandler may be able to illustrate exceptional circumstances that depart from these general guidelines.

How a Chandler Animal Bite Attorney Could Assist

Dog owners are expected to be responsible for their pets. If a dog attacked you and caused you to suffer serious physical, mental and financial difficulties, the dog’s owner or caretaker could be held liable for these damages regardless of whether the dog has a history of vicious behavior.

A well-practiced attorney could help you receive financial compensation for your injuries. Contact a Chandler dog bite lawyer immediately to begin the process of pursuing recovery for your damages.

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