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Prescription drugs provide patients with life-saving medical interventions. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made in the manufacturing process, and pharmaceutical companies may not disclose all potential side-effects of a drug.

If you took prescription medications and suffered illness or undisclosed side-effects, a personal injury attorney may be able to fight for your financial losses and bodily injuries. A Chandler dangerous drugs lawyer has the experience and knowledge to represent your best interests against powerful pharmaceutical companies.

Common Problems with Pharmaceuticals

The dangers of most prescription drugs are well documented. However, sometimes companies fail to disclose all the possible side-effects and risks of a medication.

Drug manufacturers may expedite new products through the required clinical testing process. Therefore, the consumer market may be unaware of the possible long-term risks of using the product. It also could result in consumers being unaware how a drug interacts with other medications.

Issues can also arise during the manufacturing process. Generic drug companies often source their drugs from all over the world, and quality control oversights could result in contaminated products reaching the market.

Different problems result in different defendants. A Chandler lawyer experienced with dangerous drug claims could help a victim determine who is liable for their injuries and hold that person accountable.

Types of Damages in Dangerous Drugs Cases

Every year, more drugs are pulled from the storefronts when the risks of taking that medication become common knowledge. Unfortunately, the complications from dangerous drugs could already have taken effect. Patients may suffer organ damage, brain injuries, bleeding problems, and even death.

As a result, dangerous drugs cases can be grounds for economic and non-economic damage claims. Economic claims cover monetary losses such as medical bills and lost income during the recovery period. Claimants might also seek compensation for necessary physical or occupation therapy appointments.

Non-economic damages can be more difficult to estimate because these losses do not carry a specific dollar amount. Some common types of non-economic damages are mental anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of services.

Plaintiffs may not be familiar with the process of demonstrating losses before the jury. An experienced dangerous drugs attorney in Chandler could help victims to seek all recoverable damages.

Damages Caps

Unlike many states, Arizona has no caps for damages for personal injury claims under the Constitution of Arizona Article 2, Section 31. This means that claimants have the opportunity to seek compensation for all relevant damages in their cases. A defective drugs attorney could advise Chandler plaintiffs on suitable damage claims.

Secure a Chandler Dangerous Drug Attorney

Some pharmaceutical companies act negligently while studying and marketing their drugs. Moreover, many drug makers fight to conceal potential complications when they are discovered. In some cases, these drug manufacturers also misinform doctors about health concerns related to the product.

If your injuries were the result of harmful drugs, you have the legal right to seek compensation. It is important to know who the defendant is in your claim. A skilled attorney could collect the evidence needed to hold the responsible party accountable and prove your damages. Contacting a Chandler dangerous drugs lawyer who could offer knowledgeable advice is invaluable throughout the litigation process. Call now.

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