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Chandler Burn Injury Lawyer

People can expose others to a risk of burns through thoughtless decisions and inattentiveness to basic safety precautions. These injuries can cause tremendous physical pain as well as emotional and mental trauma, and scars and disfiguring harm may remind victims of the accident for years to come.

A Chandler burn injury lawyer could be a trustworthy ally when you or a loved one experiences a severe burn. If a debilitating injury such as this befalls you or a close family member, a qualified personal injury attorney could help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Process of a Burn Injury Lawsuit

Understanding the civil litigation process can be tough without professional legal counsel, but an experienced lawyer could help Chandler burn injury victims every step of the way. In general, a claim for compensation after a burn involves:

  • Investigating an accident to determine whose carelessness caused or contributed to a person’s injuries
  • Filing a petition against the at-fault person, laying out how the at-fault person’s actions caused the victim’s injuries and what amount of money is needed to compensate the victim adequately
  • Uncovering additional information about and witnesses to the accident, through a process known as “discovery”
  • Entering into settlement negotiations, if both parties are amicable to settling the case
  • Proceeding to trial and proving to a judge or jury that the other person did cause the injury victim’s burns

This process could be time-consuming, depending on the way it is settled. If both parties want to settle the matter, the victim may receive compensation in a matter of months. If no settlement is possible and the matter must proceed to trial, it may be a year or more before the case is closed.

When to Settle a Claim in Chandler

A settlement might be advantageous to both a burn injury victim and the at-fault party, as the victim benefits from knowing how much compensation they will receive and the defendant’s liability is limited. However, not every burn injury lawsuit settles through such an agreement. With a qualified Chandler burn accident attorney’s help, a person with burn injuries caused by another could more effectively evaluate the amount of compensation offered by the other person.

If the amount offered in the settlement would not reasonably cover medical bills, lost wages, reparative procedures, and other such losses, the victim should seriously consider whether an agreement is the best way to resolve their case. Conversely, if the other party is willing to offer an amount that would provide the victim with enough compensation that they could pay their most significant obligations and reestablish themselves financially, then accepting a settlement may be wise.

Speak to a Chandler Burn Injury Attorney Immediately

The sooner a burn lawsuit is initiated, the more likely it may be that you will be able to find and use critical evidence and witnesses in your case. In other words, the odds of receiving compensation for your burn injuries are generally better if you seek legal help as soon as possible after your burn.

If you suffered extensive burns that led to severe physical and financial losses, you might benefit from speaking with a Chandler burn injury lawyer about your rights. Reach out and talk with an attorney today to learn more.

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