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Chandler Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

When you or a close family member experiences a severe injury, you could be facing serious physical pain, as well as emotional and mental trauma. This is especially true if another person’s negligent course of conduct is to blame for your injuries. Catastrophic injuries can leave you and your family in a physically and financially vulnerable position.

A Chandler catastrophic injury lawyer experienced in helping people in your position obtain monetary judgments could assist you in securing financial compensation to help pay for the medical expenses, surgeries, therapy, and prescription drug costs you might be facing. With the help of a qualified injury attorney, you could begin taking the steps toward recovery.

Proving Fault in a Chandler Injury Accident

An injury victim is not eligible to receive compensation just because they have been hurt in an accident, no matter how serious the harm they sustained. There are certain steps a plaintiff must take to prove fault in a catastrophic injury case.

First, there must be evidence that another person behaved in a careless, or negligent fashion. In this context, someone’s behavior is careless when any other reasonable person placed in the same situation would have acted differently.

Next, the person’s carelessness must have caused the accident or incident that resulted in the victim’s catastrophic injuries. If a victim would not have sustained the injuries he or she suffered but for the other person’s carelessness, then there is sufficient evidence of causation for the lawsuit to proceed.

Finally, the victim must provide evidence linking the expenses for which he or she is seeking compensation with the injuries sustained in the accident. If the victim produces evidence that they will also need additional treatment or services in the future because of their injuries, they may also receive compensation for these anticipated expenses.

Compensating Catastrophic Injury Losses

There is no statute defining “catastrophic accidents,” but the harm caused by these events can have a permanent impact on victims’ lives. Permanent cognitive impairment, difficulties in moving about and completing daily tasks, and the loss of limbs are just some examples of the long-term effects of catastrophic injuries. On top of these challenges, the cost of ongoing treatments and recovery services can be astronomical.

For many catastrophic injury victims, recovering compensation quickly is a top priority. It is equally important, however, that victims receive compensation that is adequate considering their past expenses and ongoing needs.

Injury victims can seek economic and non-economic damages following a catastrophic injury. Economic damages are the monetary losses caused by an injury and include medical bills, lost wages, and costs of repairing or replacing damaged property. Non-economic damages cover the emotional and physical trauma of a victim. However, calculating the cost of pain and suffering or a decreased quality of life can be difficult. A Chandler attorney experienced with catastrophic injury claims could help a plaintiff quantify their non-economic damage potential.

 A Chandler Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help You

Following a severe accident or injury event, you need to understand your legal rights to know whether to file a lawsuit. Some of these rights may expire if not exercised in a timely manner. Your Chandler catastrophic injury lawyer can review the circumstances that led to your injuries and advise you of your legal options.

Waiting too long before attempting to pursue compensation can leave you without enough time to file a lawsuit. Calling and talking with an attorney as soon as possible is the best way to protect your potential right to compensation.

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